Windows in different Disks problem...


Hello and thanks for reading this...

- I had an Windows XP installed on a HD (Master - Drive Letter C: )
- I installed Windows Vista in a second disk (Slave - Drive Letter D: )
Everything worked just fine with Bootloader running both Windows Installations
- I decided that I needed the Master HD for another project so I removed it
OFC I realised that the Bootloader was into C: drive so my Vista couldn't boot!
- I booted with Vista DVD and tried ALL the manual repairing techniques found in this forum but still no joy.

For now I installed EasyBCD 1.72 into my Laptop which has WindowsXP and I connected my Windows Vista HD via USB-->IDE cable. Windows found just fine the drive so I have 2 questions...
1. Can I have my Windows Vista Disk fixed via XP with EasyBCD withouth affecting my Laptop's disk boot sequence?
2. If I can manage to fix this with EasyBCD, is there a way to declare to the Bootloader to continue finding my Vista HD as Drive letter D: for me to boot without problems (Since all programs are installed to D:\Program FIles).
The following message boxs appeared after I run EasyBCD from my Laptop. I said yes to the first but I don't wanna proceed to second one since I dunno if it will do anything in my Laptop's HD.

I know it's not a nice solution, but I would like to operate my PC for the time being untill I reformat all and do a clean Installation.

Thanks in advance...

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Hi Marios, welcome to the forum.
Did you remember to reset the master/slave status of your Vista HDD before you booted the Vista DVD, because the "repair" of the Vista bootloader should have worked without a problem (though it frequently needs to be run twice ! - did you try again ?)
After lotsa tries I finally made it!

The Slave disk (Vista) was never marked as Active.
Once I setted via Diskpart and done the repair from Vista DVD all fixed justs fine

Thanks anyway :smile:
Hi mfilos, welcome to NST.

Glad to hear you got it working. As you've found out, the partition with all the bootloader data needs to be active for anything to happen at boot.

Technically, MS should have that repaired via the "Automatic startup repair" on the Vista DVD; but I guess it doesn't always happen that way :wink: