Windows Live Messenger On Vista Build 5381


Hi! i've installed windows live messenger on vista build 5381 i have only one problem the video call cannot get through or disconnect any suggestion? thanks
Hello roel77, welcome to NeoSmart! :smile:

Couple of questions that should help us know what the issue is:

1) What build of WLM
2) Does Video Conferencing with this build of WLM work on XP on this same machine? Or have you never tried XP/WLM on this particular box?

Thanks, and I hope we can solve this!
thanks, im using windows live messenger build 8.0.0689.00_Branches, it works well in xp last wek when im using vista 5381 video conferencing doesnt work anymore.
OK, it may be the firewall. Try disabling it and then try again...
If that doesn't work, there a couple of networking services that may be interfering with it, post back and let us know :smile:
Logitek and a few other cams are bad actors and will not run under Vista "yet" When i was dual booting i had to go to XP to cam.
Good luck