windows mobile v6 => wifi router

hi all,

The idea would be to be able to connect a laptop or nintendo ds/wii via the cellphone for playing online for example at mario kart.

There's a program already called wmwifirouter that supposedly transforms a windows mobile v6 enabled cellphone into a wireless router. Problem is, it doesn't work at all. it just kills the cellphone until the file is removed.


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Don't know about that program, but even if it was possible, not so sure you'd really want to do online gaming over the slow connection. Besides, Nintendo offers a neat little usb wirelss plugin for Nintendo DS's for those who can't/don't want to use WEP or don't have a router. It only runs under XP though. The device with the help of software can effectively share the computer's insternet connectivity with multiple (I think up to 8) DS's at once. Assuming your using one though, it would probably work better then trying to use the cellphone as router for the DS.