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I've uploaded some screenshots of Windows Neptune that I've had sitting on my Drive D:\ forever now, you can see them at Windows Neptune

They're supposed to be a part of a "review" for Windows Neptune that I've never gotten around to write.

Windows Neptune was intended to be the "Windows 2000 Home Edition" or basically an NT-powered Windows ME - but it was delayed and then redeveloped as Windows Codename Whistler, better known as Windows XP.
I got several different builds of Neptune and Whistler. I should set my BIOS backand isntall a few in VMWare. Just for some fun.
I thought there was just that one build of Neptune?
Which builds do you have?


I like the Windows Neptune logon screen more than the Windows XP one; it's so... clean :smile:


EDIT: The full-size image looks better :grinning:
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Ahh your right. Now that i look there is only the Neptune 5111 build that i have. It is Whistler that i have a good amount of builds.

Whistler 2202
Whistler 2211 Professional
Whistler 2223 Pro
Whistler 2250 Pro
Whistler 2257 Pro
Whistler 2267 Pro, Advanced Server
Whistler 2276 Pro
Whistler 2287 Pro
Whistler 2296 Pro, Adv Server
Whistler 2410 Pro, Adv Server
Whistler 2419 Pro
Whistler 2428 Pro
Whistler 2430 Datacenter, Pro
Whistler 2433 Adv Server
Whistler 2454 Pro
Whistler 2455 Server
Whistler 2457 Personal
Whistler 2458 Pro
Whistler 2462 Adv Server, Datacenter
Whistler 2463 Server
Whistler 2464 Server
Whistler 2465 Personal, Server
Whistler 2467 Server
Whistler 2474 Professional
Whistler 2505 Pro
Whistler 3531 Adv Server
Whistler 3615 Adv Server
Whistler 3621 Adv Server

That is most of them i think. I have a bunch of Beta builds from Chicago to Vista. NT builds along with some Windows 2000 Beta builds. I have Windows 1.0 thru 3.11. All in all i have roughly 10 DVD of old Windows builds.
Looks about right to me.... and, damn, that's a lot of builds to keep with you :|

I usually end up deleting all the ISOs figuring I'd never need them again... until I do. Like this one time for EasyBCD I absoloutely needed the Beta 1 DVD, and I couldn't find it :frowning:

Took me a month to locate someone with it and get a file I needed off there.

Right now though, I just can't wait to get my hands on the Vienna builds :grinning:

The SP3 and SP1 betas aren't that exciting :|
Well that is pretty much why i burnt them all to DVD. Never sure if i would need them again. So this way if i do i have them.

Yeah the SP1 and SP3 are kinda dull. I heard they are released or have released a new build of SP1. 1720 or something like that. I really have to get on my MVP sponsor and have him get my SP1 invite out...
Yeah the SP1 and SP3 are kinda dull. I heard they are released or have released a new build of SP1. 1720 or something like that.



I'm off to bed, see ya in the 'morrow.
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What kind of Windows Edition is this? When was it made, any why? :smile: I see 98's style, my favorite :grinning:
Windows Neptune:

Successor to Windows 98/ME. Canceled after this 1 build. It is just a Beta build that leaked to the internet some time ago. It was made roughly around 99/00. As stated it was going to be hte next OS from Microsoft but they went with what is Windows 2000 instead.
For the same reason as they cancelled Codename Longhorn and went with the Vista codebase. Things just were not working out right. The Neptune codebase from my memory, was based on teh 9X platform. While Windows 2000 was the NT platform. It wasnt until XP that they merged the 2 platforms into 1.
Its a shame... so guys, what is the best OS ever? :grinning: Meh, it depends on what do you need OS for... stupid question. Thanks for the link.
No problem. I'm looking to upload some more Neptune screenshots, plus some of SkyOS soon.... I've had exams every day this past week and I'm finally done, so I'm looking forward to wasting some time! :grinning:

First thing I did after today's exam was getting around to writing a caching engine so some parts of the site that don't change often but yet are dynamically generated (and as such take a performance dive) like the Gallery can perform better - I've installed it now, and it seems to work great.
Previously the Gallery would crap out if it was getting more than 12-13 req/sec, but now I've benched at up to 400-500 req/sec and it holds its ground :smile: :grinning:

</end rambling> :lol:

SkyOS | See the light, break free
(Why do all these other operating systems have "OS" in the name?
ReactOS, Mac OS __, HaikuOS, KiteOS (i think that's what it's called anyway), and SkyOS.)

*Sigh* they need to higher better marketing!
I have tried Sky and it is decent. Only bad thing is that it is a paid beta. Which i dont understand and the driver support is weak. But when you are creating a OS from scratch what else can you expect.
Yeah, that's a serious problem.

But I can understand Robert Szeleney's point of view.. I mean, while it is Beta, he's been working on it fulltime for a long time now - deserves something for his efforts.

It's a good OS, and now with Mono ported and all + support for compiling Linux compatible applications to run on SkyOS with little to no issue, I can see it taking off.

I liked it though, it has a nice stable + pretty + fast feel to it :smile:
Hey, SkyOS looks nice! :joy: Hmmm I would like to try this. Is it still in development or something.. BETA? Hmm.. who is making this OS? It came out of GNU/Linux or its whole new... thing (platform?)
It is a whole new platform. It is Close to Windows based. From what i have heard of this it can run some Windows apps. It is closer to the 9x platform if i am not mistaken. But AFAIK it isnt *Nix based.
It's what we call "POSIX Compliant" meaning its using the same model that is used in Linux, BSD, etc. (and has ports of the most common command-line functions, so that you could theoretically take a *nix shell script and run it there), but it is not Linux.

Robert wrote the OS from scratch, making it comply with the POSIX standards.

It doesn't really matter though, because the OS market is shut... very, very tightly.

If you're not BeOS, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, or Windows - you're not in the game.
Yeah, well, SkyOS looks nice :smile: I really like it, I saw it in action on their site, and, hmm original file creating/opening/finding files, I have to say :smile:



:grinning::grinning::grinning: Kidding, kidding.. :grinning:
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