Windows Occasionally Flip/flicker


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:sunglasses: Not sure what is causing this - if it's since upgrading my McAfee Security Suite to the 2007 version (only Viruscan and Firewall Plus installed) and before anyone comments, I work as a Moderator on McAfee Help Forums...! Or, is it since installing IE7...or...what!!

Just lately I'll call up an application, say Nero or Adaware SE...the UI will display fine and then every so often there'll be a flicker or it will "flip" or even just part of the text on the UI will disappear and reappear.

It's hard to describe. Surely it can't be my ATI Card or my Samsung LCD Monitor...they are practically brand new. But if it were them, then entire screens would be flickering and flipping...which is not the case.

Any ideas?
Hi, yes it's on XP and the drivers are all the latest.

I'm wondering if either IE7 or another Microsoft update is causing this as it seems to be Java generated windows that are affected. I'm assuming that most app-lications rely on Java to display their UI.

What I'll do now is uninstall Java (latest) and reinstall.

Nothing is malfunctioning so it's quite a mystery this one!!
I'm not sure what you mean, because both Nero and McAfee aren't Java applications, and have nothing to do with it.
Well what is it that powers user interfaces such as Adaware SE control panel (for one example) and stuff like that? It's only these things that are showing this behaviour.
It's a normal C++ visual interface and nothing different from the rest.
Download and run ATItool and use the stability test to check the graphics card for memory and GPU errors.
It works for other graphics cards too.

Does this happen in Windows Vista as well?
Even Notepad flickered just now. Which ATITool? There seem to be several versions floating about the web.

Edit: OK, which stability test? They all seem to run forever without anything happening:


P.S. Despite being subscribed to this thread (& others), I haven't received any email notifications today at all
That's rather weird - this new server's SMTP mail server is great. It must be the damn forum script acting up - when you came to the forum was this post flagged as unread or read?

Anyway, if they all run forever that means your hardware is great (good news!).
Run a spyware check, uninstall and reinstall your video drivers.

See if that works?
The post was marked as unread. Could be internet traffic jams...does happen sometimes.

Strangely, the problem seems to have been cured by ATI/AMD themselves. I had a ticket going with them about 2 startup errors every morning appearing in the event viewer..."ati2mtag" - I noticed several posts on the web about it. It took them a couple of weeks to realise that there was a problem with Catalyst/WDM Drivers 6.10. Since downloading 6.11 it seems to have improved.
I just finished installing them on the two XP installations. (Uninstalled the old stuff first of course).
Spyware/virus checks already done....daily.
I think so. Still no notifications in my email....weird....wondering if my ISP has blacklisted your IP range for some reason. Know any good spammers in your neighbourhood...LOL???!!!
It should be fixed now, another stupid PHP 5.2 bug. I also fixed the caching, so the site should be snappier (once we get off Slashdot's homepage though obviously!)

Check your spam folder if your on GMail, for some reason Google thinks it's spam :\
Guess what...I just got a notification for your reply...couldn't check it out for quite a while as I was getting alternate 404 and 500 errors.
All is now OK I assume.
Don't use gmail and always check those folders anyway.
So it wasn't in the spam? That's good to know.
I can't bother to check my spam folder, I receive over 1500 spam messages in one day at my email account because of how often I post it all over the net. GMail does a decent job with very few false positives usually, and catches 99% of the spam for me.

It's not actually GMail, rather Google-Hosted Small-Business Webmail, but it uses the GMail platform anyway...

W/E. Glad to hear email is working now, that's what matters.
I use Spamcop to filter my mail. All the spam is held on their servers. Very rarely does anything bad get through, or do legit emails get caught in error.
Actually since moving to the new server we're planning on hosting our own email solution instead of outsourcing to Google. We'll be using Exchange 2007 - but we need a decent, no, excellent, server-side software spam solution... That's really the only reason I haven't set that up yet :tongueout:oint: