Windows PE Crash


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Not sure if you guys are aware but here is the scenario for those guys trying to add a wim entry to external hdd.

Have a huge external hdd. i.e 1.5tb USB External HDD
Trying to create bcd + adding a winpe.wim entry crashes.

Using Easy BCD
Write MBR
Install BCD on external HDD
all works fine.

Now when trying to add a new entry for winpe.wim
copied the winpe.wim to external hdd

Browse to wim file, tick "Force Portable entry"
Click Add.
Easy BCD crashes.

Only way i've managed to get it to add a wim file sucessfully is by first adding a dud Windows 7 entry then adding the wim file which in the end will give me a multiboot of Windows 7 and the Wim.
What version of EasyBCD are you using?

I was pretty sure I fixed this in the 2.0 release...