windows recovery black screen HELP !


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okay so i have a HP vista home premium laptop. and recently my pc was in a startup repair loop randomly one day when i tried to turn it on so after countless system restores that were unsuccessful i finally decided to factory reset.
in the proces of the factory reset the laptop randomly turned off in the middle of it (most likely because it overheated) and ever since that has happened all i could get was the WINDOWS RECOVERY ERROR black screen with the white writing at start up.
it gives me the option to choose safe mode and etc but none of these modes work.also at the top it says i need to insert a recovery disc and repair my pc but the recovery disk i made from neosmart directions and downloads does not help
when i put the disc in all my pc does is go black with a blinking horizontal cursor on it.
ive tried to change the boot order and selected the CD but nothin hapens idont know what else to do ! and i am in need of desperate help .
The recovery disk from neosmart simply restores the boot records so you can boot into a working Windows Vista. It sounds like you’re Windows installation is broken. You need to contact the manufacturer which in this case is HP and see what your options are. You may have a hidden partition on the hard drive from which you can try to restore or you may need to get the CDs or DVDs from the manufacturer.

If the machine is overheating and shutting down you may need to temporarily place the laptop on one of those laptop notebook coolers or seek professional help for getting the laptop cleaned regarding its internal fans and such.

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