Windows Recovery Centre .iso download wont work


Hi All,
I downloaded the Windows 7 64bit .iso recovery cd because i didnt get the Windows 7 cd with my laptop. I burned the image to a cd-r but cannot boot from it on startup, anyone have similar problems or ideas?? i know im in the Easy BCD forum but this problem is related to a dual boot problem im having.
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Check that the burn was good by booting the CD on a fully functional PC.
If that verifies it, then check that you've got CD set to boot before HDD in the BIOS of your broken PC.
If it still doesn't boot, then you have more fundamental problems with the HDD than just a broken boot.
i downloaded both the 32bit and the 64bit image. i tried the 32 bit cd on a 32bit XP machine and no joy, does it matter thats an XP machine and a 7 boot CD?
You need to follow these steps to ensure you burned the .iso correctly:

  • Download the recovery cd .torrent file(s) from NST.
  • Install a torrent client (such as uTorrent or BitTorrent), if not already installed.
  • Run the torrent client, and "add" the .torrent file(s) you just downloaded.
  • You can then download the actual .iso file(s) through the torrent(s).
  • Once the download of the actual .iso file is complete, simply burn it to a CD with ImgBurn in "Image" mode.
If it's a good burn, it will boot on a working PC, regardless of the installed OS.
Once the download was complete i went into ImgBurn, clicked write image file to disk then browsed to the .iso file and began burning. Any ideas why it still wont work?? Does t matter if its a CD-R or a DVD-RW?? my cd drive works with both
Have you tried it on another PC ?
There's also a chance that your optical drive might have a problem rather than the burned CD.
If so, switching between CD and DVD might help (different lasers).
Do other bootable disks boot OK on the broken PC ?
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You should try it first with a CD because a DVD is larger than whats needed. No *-RWs well work. If you burn you need either CD-Rs or DVD-Rs.
Jus, All my downloaded W7s from Beta onwards have been burned to DVD+RW. They boot just fine (and you can reuse the Beta disk for RC and RTM)
I've never need one of our recovery ISOs, but I can't see why they wouldn't work just as well.
That's odd. I thought you always need non-rewritables for boot discs. Guess not :smile:
Well it was worth the mention anyway, seeing as how he used one and it isn't working for him.
±RWs work as exact drop-in replacements for ±R media; however ±RW media is super-sensitive to CD quality and many times needs to be burned at low speeds (2x or 4x) in order to boot correctly... But only if you're using cheaper discs.
Memorex is awesome... Using it here, too (when I can find it, that is.... usually the computer stores here only have off-brand media selling for about 2x or 3x the cost of brand names in the States :smile:)