Windows Recovery Disc not working/ Possibly corrupted boot sectors

I have recently purchased the windows 7 recovery disc for my Windows 7 64 bit Emachine ET1331G desktop, which has gone through quite a bit of hell as shown here (

In a nutshell: my computer has had the Black Screen of Death due to a power button shut down I had done yesterday, which was already suffering from a case of windows update being stuck everytime I shutdown my PC. I have searched high and low for a solution that wouldn't require the complete destruction of my files, but to no avail until I found this recovery disk. But even that seems not to work.

The program says that it had succeeded in installing the BOOTMGR bootloader in dev/sdb2, rewriting the MGR at dev/sdb and rebuilding the boot sector in dev/sdb2. But when I restart my computer the same thing happens and the disk recovers the same problem, only for it not to be actually fixed. So, what's going on here? How can I repair this?