Windows Recovery Disk


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We had just purchased the recovery disk from Neosmarts for the Vista 32 bit. After we select the language it comes to the next screen about operating system and nothing shows up. We selected next anyways but still nothing happens. Please help?


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Hi spyder,

If it doesn't show any operating systems in the list, that means your hard drive has either failed or has been wiped/corrupted.


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Try disconnecting any other HDD(s) if you have any, before trying the repair again with only the Vista drive connected. Check whether the Vista partition is marked "active" too.


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I just purchased and downloaded the Windows 7 32-bit recovery disk and am getting "A disk read error occurred, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart". I changed the boot to the CD drive and have re-tried this multiple times. When I look at the files on the CD from a different machine I see everything that was in the download (Autorun.inf, Boot, Bootmgr, Sources, Title.txt, Welcome.exe, as well as the files in the folders). Also, I don't have permission to send any messages or to start a new thread. Please help.