Windows Start-up Repair problems.


So I've been searching google for a few hours now trying to find answers, however it seems my problem is unqiue, since others seem to be able to do things I cannot.

My computers internet browser was running a little slow so I decided to reboot it. When it turned back on the Windows Startup Repair broswer popped up. I let it go assuming that it would fix it, but it didn't. After reading for a while on google I saw "Try pressing F8 repeatedly and selected system restore". Hoping that this would end this ridiculous problem I did it. However it failed. All it did was bring up the Startup repair once more. I assumed that it would just go through its thing and then start up from the last configuration, but no. It told me it failed to automatically fix the problems and forced me to turn my computer off.

Later I tried going into "Safe Mode", which was reccomended as well. Same thing, it just went back to Startup Repair and forced me to shut down.

There seems to be no fix to this stupid problem. (Sorry I'm pretty pissed off right now :grinning:...)

My only real concern is my files. I have very important documents on my laptop and I'm wondering if I've lost them now. I have them backed up on a USB, but I haven't resaved them on their for at least a week now so I've lost a significant amount of work.

Any help would be appreciated. (I'll most likely be lurking around so I should still be here if you've got any solutions.)


So I've been messing around with my laptop and have discovered that I actually have no system restore points!! :grinning: Is there any possible way I could try and recover my now lost files...?
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