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Hello and thanks in advance for replying. I just got my new computer, a cool bare bone with an E6300, 1 GB of ram, 1 IDE 80 GB HD (window XP), 1 80 GB SATA (vista). I was using my bios to switch between which drive was master and slave, just so that I could choice to boot into windows xp or vista. It was all working great and then I rebooted this morning and found that Mr. Vista was pissy and gave me an error. \windows\system32\winload.exe corrupt missing. I am sure you know what this mean form what I have read around your forums. I do not have a Vista DVD nor a serial. The small company sent me this computer with nothing other then a motherboard disc. In windows I have both drive accessible C:IDE (default windows) and V: Sata (default vista). Anything you can do for me would be great, even if its just a pat on the back!
Hello MetalGod, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies...

Set XP as your Master, boot into XP, install EasyBCD and tell it to add Vista.

If that doesn't work you'll need to obtain a copy of the Vista DVD...

(BTW, that's a nice rig you have!! :smile:)