Windows Vista 32-Bit (x86) Recovery Disc missing files?

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Hello everyone

I am trying to repair a vista bootloader and just downloaded and burned Windows Vista 32-Bit (x86) Recovery Disc Torrent with Nero and when I try to use bootsect.exe from the boot directory on the cd I just burned I notice that the bootsect.exe is missing.... Am I missing something here??

In the boot directory I can only see bootfix.bin, bcd and boot.sdi

Hi, Janne82. Welcome to NST.
I'm not really sure about the solution to your problem, since I have never used the Recovery CD from this website...but shouldn't this be in another forum? :wink: This is the EasyBCD Support forum. You will likely get more answers over at The Vista Corner > The Vista Corner - The NeoSmart Forums
I'm sure one of the mods here will move this thread over there, if you ask...or you can simply start another thread over there. Either way would work fine in my opinion.

GL and let me know how it goes. :smile:

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Ah thanks for pointing that one out :smile:

Please close this thread down as there seems to be a thread about my problem in the vista corner of the forum.
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