Windows Vista 5600 RC1

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Okay downloaded this yesterday and installed it today. Must say that they are making some improvements. It is stable. Runs fast, almost as fast as XP. The new nVidia Drivers that they released yesterday work like magic. The Creative driver for Beta 2 installed with no problem for my audigy 2 ZS. Which is a nice surprise. So now i have the current driver which Glass works on all apps and sound which works fully.

I have already tested EasyBCD 1.2 which fully works with Vista Build 5600 as well. Opera 9.01 works. I am just getting started with some other app installs.
I'm installing it as I write this..... took me FOREVER to download it at 10KBps on the road.... but I hear it's well worth it.
i've got it on download, heard that thay fixed the BUG with the indexing lagging systems (I had that problem)

One annoying thing is you can't use programs like Nlite to strip vista
XcOM said:
i've got it on download, heard that thay fixed the BUG with the indexing lagging systems (I had that problem)

One annoying thing is you can't use programs like Nlite to strip vista
Not yet maybe, but soon enough...

Anyway, Vista doesn't need it. It's huge, but it's faster than XP...

(yes, this means I finally got it dl'd!!)

5600 is GREAT!!!
Yes 5600 is great. AVG works but Avast doesnt. NOD32 does work some some people and doesnt cause CPU spikage. I have also gotten Steam and Adobe Creative Suite CS2 to install. Along with my M$ Keyboard and Razer mouse drivers. WLM works. I cant think of to many more apps to try out. FileZilla will be next.
For real!?

That's awesome, I haven't even bothered with NOD32 since Beta 2, it was simply impossible!!

Thank you Mak!!!!!!
Damn thing STILL doesn't synchronize with Pocket PC or Windows Mobile 5.0..... and this is supposed to be 100% code-complete and near-perfect?! Someone at Redmond is dreaming!!
Well AVG is working without a problem for me. So i wont bother with NOD32 unless i see a problem with the AVG and see it necessary to install NOD. As far as the Steam goes. It ran. But when i tried to run CS:S it wouldnt work. So i ran Steam from my XP install and everything runs fine. So i have removed it from the Vista install.
It still runs fine and plays all the games. I have also gotten Quake 4 to run and all the System Emulators that i have. the NES, SNES, Sega Master System, Genesis, turbo GFX 16, Mame among others. I am gonna try Doom 3 tomorrow and see how that goes. FileZilla works just like it does in XP. Nero is the last obsticle yet for me to install and run.
Sorry for the DP but here is a list of apps that i have working on 5600

FileZilla 2.26

WLM 8.0.0812.00

AVG Free

WinSnap 1.16

Adobe Creative Suite CS2

Opera 9.01

EasyBCD 1.2

nVidia Drivers Forceware Release 95

Creative Drivers Beta 2 (with Creative Audio console to get 5.1 sound working)
Thanks for the list mak....

Nero works for me, make sure you don't install the 7.0 version, rather download the latest 7.2.x; that will install. The 7.0 version rarely installs right for me on Vista, but 7.2 works great.

Here's the URI:

You can use your existing serial number to unlock the trial downloads on this page.

I'm going to rewrite the audio installation guide, so thanks for the tip on which drivers you used. You have the Audigy 2, right?
Yes i have the Audigy 2 ZS. The Creative Drivers i used are located

They are the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series Vista Beta Driver 2.10.0000. Dated August 11th 2006. I was able to install Nero 7.0 just had to remove some of the components. Like InCD, ImageDrive and some others. Basically all i installed was the Nero Burning Rom and everything went fine. So that is a heads up to some people. That Nero 7 does work. Get past the errors that Vista gives you and just remove all components but the Burning Rom. :unamused:

I have also gotten Office 2007 Beta 2 installed and working. Along with Quicktime Alternative and RealPlayer Alternative.
Okay i know now that Nero 7.5 doesnt work. I will try CG advice and try to get Nero 7.2 to work. I am busy archiving my Mail from XP to take it over. I am also trying to get my list of apps together so i know what i need to isntall to get my Vista install setup like my XP. I want to try and run Vista full time.

I will try and run NOD32 and see how it works for me. I will let you know if it turns out okay or not.
My DL keeps varying from 12-20 Hrs for Vista (From WInbeta)

I can't seem to find an offical DL from M$,

Anyone got a link?
The only official download from M$ is on Connect. It was only released to Official Testers. It wont be released to the Public for another couple of weeks. I heard the 14th or 15th. If they are slow check some torrent sites i know it is on those. :crazy:
OK, don't take my word for this because I wasn't online when this supposedly happened, but MS released Pre-RC1 to the public? Last week? With a real DL link?
they did, but its closed now, and that was a old build, i have found a 5600 build, which will be released to the public in a week or two,
Yeah, I know... But it was also newer than Beta 2... so it might keep you going until RC1 goes public which shouldn't be too long from now going by previous trends.
The current rumor is the 14th or 15th on RC1 being released to the public. How true it is i cant say. But i have seen that that RC1 has leaked. It might be better to just wait. The choice is up to you. :unamused: