Windows Vista Black Screen

Hello to all that assist me in my issue. I hope that this has not been answered but i went thru a few forums and im not seeing what im experiencing at this moment.

I have an older HP desk top, which I bought at a retail store. So I do not have the Vista install disk.

My issue started a day ago or so mainly. I found myself with some Maelware that was getting annoying. So i searched for methods to uninstall them from my computer. At the same time this was going on I had some Windows installs , which i needed to reboot my computer to complete.

Once I attempted to remove these add-ons I shut the computer down normally. Today i turned on CPU, screen went to motherboard image logo like normal, which allows you to enter BIOS at this time, can hear everything turning on waiting for password screen. And nothing, black screen , light still on cpu like its booting up stuff, then off. Waited for 30 min and still nothing, light not flashing at all.

Tried ALT CNTRL DEL nothing pops up. HARD shut off. Attempted this 2 times and same thing.

I dont have a restore disk if that is even gonna allow me to use it. The CD drive is empty.

I dont thinks its like a video card cause it displays the mother board logo on start up unless that is generated thru the mother board itself.

I would like anything you can offer me , waiting patiently.

Many thanks,



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