Windows vista blue screen help



I get something similar to this, every time I turn on my computer.
I don't have the disk my computer came with.
I tried the Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download
but it wont work me, everytime I click to run it says" install.wim is missing" how do i fix this?

I need to get my computer running for school work and all that.

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I have a Gateway M-series with Vista Home Premium with the same issue. I have downloaded the bit torrent, checked the MD5 hash and burned it to a CD with Imgburn. I only get a black screen each time I start the laptop with the boot disk. I do not have a Vista OS disk only recovery partition and restore disk from Gateway. Any help is appreciated. MS is being a pain about any support on this issue.


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The recovery disk(s) hosted on this site contain no Vista Installation Files, and cannot be used to repair a broken install of Vista. That's why you get an error if you click on the "Install" button.
They're provided for OEM PC owners whose manufacturer only provided the PC with a recovery partition, and no separate bootable media.
They're provided to enable you to fix a broken boot process, to access system restore to take you back to an earlier point,or to enter the recovery console.
Try F8 at boot and run a Memtest. If OK ,then boot into safe mode and use system restore to take you back to an earlier point, before these symptoms appeared.
If you can't find a suitable restore point, use the recovery console and the xcopy command to rescue your personal data files onto a flash-drive or optical backup, then follow the manufacturer's instructions that came with your PC to do a factory reset and reinstall of the whole environment.


I mannaged to get my vista cd and restore everything back to its original settings, but know I cannot connect to the internet, I click refresh everytime and it says "cannot find any networks" and I my friend said something about a driver missing but I dont know which one and where to get it,

Note: im on a desktop that has wireless.

Hp pavillion s3020n


and also there is a folder on my C that says 'windows.old'
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