Windows Vista Build 5536.16385 Tips And Tricks

Hey Kris, nice to see you about..

Excellent link, thanks! First real info I've seen on this build (not having internet access enough to DL it myself)..

(BTW, I fixed your link.. it had a dot at the end)

Well this build has been nothing but issues for me. First after not having sound. I installed the kX driver. Whcih then set Vista into uncontrolled reboots. So i was able to get the Creative drivers to install. But that still didnt solve the problem.

Finally after getting sound (Yeah) i used Driver Cleaner to remove the kX and (keeping finger crossed) i havent had any unexpected reboots.

This build is faster. But i cant even install Avast! like i have been able to before. So personally i think M$ better get on track if they plan on releaseing RC1 soon. Maybe there should be a Beta 3 with all the problems that people are experiencing.
i posted this on another site so i'll post it here in case anybody cares.

me said:
i've gotten these programs working on 5536 so far:

bryce 5
photoshop cs2
vmware server
windows live messenger
gaim beta 3
firefox 1.5
office 2007 beta
smart ftp
net tools
fireworks mx
flash mx
it started without sound for me too then windows update fixed it. the only thing i've really had problems with is the drivers for my media card reader thing, which works but vista still bitches to me about it having problems with drivers or something.
Got this download. As it's the first build since the original public beta for me is it OK to run it in XP and use the setup.exe to install it as an upgrade to my existing Vista?
I wouldnt advise it. With some of the querks that this build has it could end up doing more damage than good. Plus i highly doubt you will be able to recover XP if something goes wrong.
Yeah, official NST recommendation is clean install for interim builds and upgrade XP to milestone builds and between each milestone build.... best to keep it clean and use a second or virtual machine.. safest way of doing it really.
Installed it from with Vista partition as an upgrade. Was quick and clean, with no glitches whatsoever and only a few problems afterwards..
Email accounts were missing passwords,
Trend Micro's PC-cillin v14 needed uninstalling/reinstalling.
Diskeeper's V10 Pro defrag for Vista no longer updated version from them yet.
Had to reinstall creative Soundblaster Audigy 4 drivers.
Can't use my Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth as the Bluetooth device panel now insists on a passkey and the dongle or software can't cope with a passkey both in XP Pro and in Vista, so I keep my PS/2 KB plugged in for Vista.
Sent in problem reports.