Windows Vista can't recover for my Sony Vaio Laptop


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:xI did my first time recover 1 year ago, when i bought this Laptop, i found the D: is the recovery partition. But after i successful recover it, i make 2 partition into my HDD, it mean C: & D:. so the recovery partition is gone. When i doing the recovery. I did backup the recovery CD out. Now my laptop face problems again, i need to recover it, but i can't do it anymore even if i put in the Disk 1 recovery CD. It show me the message when i click the recovery center inside the recovery tools option.
It won't pop out the recovery page like last time. It shown = Copying to folder failed.

I check my DISK 1. my previous D: recovery partition was move to the CD. it located at F: . May i know how can i get back the original factory setting?


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