Windows Vista does not start, tried using a vista recovery disc


Ok, so I have a SONY Vaio VGN-FZ150E with Vista Home Premium. My laptop was working fine until recently, when my laptop ran out of battery. The next time I turned on my laptop, a black screen with a blinking cursor. From here, I cannot press any button (believe me, I tried everything except combinations of buttons) because they just make a beeping sound. I downloaded a Vista recovery disc from NeoSmart and burned the ISO to a disc. Now I have the options of installing Vista or repairing. I'm hoping I can just repair Vista. So I tried using every System Recovery Option but when I click Startup Repair, it says that the computer cannot be repaired automatically. When I try System Restore, I recieve a message saying that my Vista is not compatible with the recovery. Following a thread online, I chose the space below my Vista (something to do with a 32 bit and 64 bit vista), but it says that to perform an offline System Restore, I have to specify which Windows installation I want to restore. When I try Windows Complete PC Restore, it says that a valid backup location could not be found. Lastly, when I choose Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool, my computer restarts, but upon restarting, I return to the black screen with a blinking cursor, and later the "press a key to boot blah blah." Please reply ASAP because I am leaving to another State by the end of this week and I apologize for the long message. Thanks.
Hi I tried the first link, except my files were already the way it asked me to change them to. As of the second link, I cannot activate stickykeys.