Windows Vista doesn't recognize my soundblaster !live mp3+ card


After install Windows Vista Ultimate, it doesn't recognize my Soundblaster Live! MP3+ soundcard. It doesn't show up in device manager. It works fine with Windows XP. If I install a driver in Vista, will it show up then?
Hi Kool, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Do you have any "Unknown Devices" in thte list? If you select "show hidden devices" does it show up then?
Actually, I just installed the driver. I start a song in WinAMP but I don't hear any sound. It looks like it's playing tho. I do see it in device manager.
It's possible you just don't have the necessary codecs for that song installed... In the Windows Sound Properties Dialog, do you hear anything when you press "Test" ?
Well, I don't know what happened. When I booted up Vista I saw a window that said something like "read-reg application - configuring audio card". Now it seems to be working ok. Go figure. Anyway, thanks for your assistance.