Windows Vista > Dualboot 7 beta > NO RECOVERY ACCESS!


SO! Ive done everything humanly possible " Under my powers xd " to fix this!

I SO NEED THIS RECOVERY PARTITION!! I lost my disc in my move to FL , so im screwed now..

Its there , seeable , and i can see the recovery shit...



Please , im litterally begging u , I spent 1200 on this laptop.. which truly was money i didnt have...

Help Fix it and u get cookie?
Hi Tuner, welcome to NST.
What exactly is the problem ? and how did it arise ?
Your screenshot shows you can still boot Vista. According to the HP site, you should be able to access the HP recovery manager directly from Vista, by F11 at boot and by the recovery disks.
You say you've lost option 3. What about 1 and 2, do they both fail ?
I notice that your Vista partition is "system" but not "active". This implies that the BCD/bootmgr are in the Vista partition, but that they do not control the boot. The MBR will go to the "active" flag and look for the PBR in that bootsector, so presumably an HP custom boot manager must reside there, and chain to Vista's BCD ?
Is that how HP PCs customarily boot ? (I've never owned one, so have no idea), or have you been resetting the "active" flag at some point.

I am unable to view your pic - so I am going on Terry's post.

I presume you tried F11 as he suggested.

I believe the HP recovery program will start up if you mark the recovery partition Active, then reboot.

If you are comfortable with the idea, you could use a free bootable partition manager , such as Gparted to mark the recovery partition Active. ( Rt click it, select Flag On, and Apply).

GParted -- Download

You need to burn the downloaded .iso image direct to cd using an isoburner - do not format the cd.

View attachment

Boot the Gparted cd - it stops 3 times asking about language and keyboard - press enter - the defaults should be fine.

Make a note of the currently Active partition ( it will say BOOT next to it) , so you can mark it Active again if the HP recovery program refuses to start.

Of course if you can boot into Vista - you can use Disk Management to Mark Recovery partition Active - but I would use GParted to make sure you know how it works - so you will be able to reset the current active partition, if needed.

I would check out the link Terry posted to see what the recovery options are:

Using HP Backup and Recovery Manager HP Pavilion dv2000 CTO Notebook PC - HP technical support (United Kingdom - English)

You should be able to order another set of discs from HP
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I Have set the partition to active... When i boot up i select f11

Then it says recvorery shit then booting to os..

I then deleted the 7 partition and added the space back to main drive..

I still see the option to boot to 7 , even though its gone.




Entry #1

Name: HP Recovery Manager
BCD ID: {default}
Drive: [boot]\sources\boot.wim,{ad6c7bc8-fa0f-11da-8ddf-0013200354d8}
Bootloader Path: \windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \windows

Entry #2

Name: Microsoft Windows
BCD ID: {09de06a2-9307-11de-9def-00235a3a1188}
Drive: U:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe
Windows Directory: \Windows


OK!!! me lady found disk one and i was able to use disk..

It recovered my vista perfectly.. AND!!!!!! it reactivated my recovery boot...

BUT!!! i need a safe way to dual boot without loosing my recovery again..

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You never said what you did to cause the problem in the first place.
I assume you shrank Vista and installed W7 in the space you created, and then your HP custom boot disappeared to be replaced by the W7 menu ?
If that's the case, it would be for the reason I previously mentioned.
The MBR goes to the "active" partition (that's the HP recovery partition)
When you installed W7 it would have seen the active flag and put its boot files there (overwriting HP's PBR and removing your recovery option)
You need to set the Vista partition "active" before installing W7, and W7 should add itself into the Vista BCD. Then if you set the active flag back on the HP partition when the dual-boot installation finishes, it should go back to using your HP custom boot.
Sorry, don't understand the problem.
Are you saying that the factory reset made Vista "active" or did you do that yourself ?
In that case, the HP boot isn't located in the recovery partition the way I speculated earlier. (I did say I'd no idea how HPs boot).
Copy/paste the EasyBCD "display settings" output in debug mode, so we can see how it does work.
When you installed W7 before, did you format the freed space as an NTFS partition first, or did you allow W7 to Install to a empty space and do the format itself ?
Windows Boot Manager
identifier {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795}
device partition=C:
description Windows Boot Manager
locale en-US
inherit {7ea2e1ac-2e61-4728-aaa3-896d9d0a9f0e}
default {768789e3-35e9-11dd-b461-e92a35599e1c}
displayorder {768789e3-35e9-11dd-b461-e92a35599e1c}
toolsdisplayorder {b2721d73-1db4-4c62-bf78-c548a880142d}
timeout 30
resume No

Windows Boot Loader
identifier {768789e3-35e9-11dd-b461-e92a35599e1c}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
description Microsoft Windows Vista
locale en-US
inherit {6efb52bf-1766-41db-a6b3-0ee5eff72bd7}
recoverysequence {572bcd55-ffa7-11d9-aae2-0007e994107d}
recoveryenabled Yes
osdevice partition=C:
systemroot \Windows
resumeobject {768789e4-35e9-11dd-b461-e92a35599e1c}
nx OptIn
Now that's weird. In post 7 you pasted an entry that had "HP recovery manager".
Now you show a perfectly vanilla Vista BCD with no entry for HP but with the recovery facility apparently restored to full health ?
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I believe all i did was shrink the space , Then just install on that....

I cant reach that deep into my memory to find out if i formatted the newly formatted shit.
OK. There's a feature (I won't say problem, because MS have designed it that way), whereby W7, installed into empty space, either creates a separate (anonymous unlettered) boot partition in addition to the OS partition, or else parks its boot files randomly on some other partition. I imagine that caused your original problem.
Make sure you format the space you create as an NTFS partition and label it, then instruct the W7 install to use that partition, and hopefully next time you won't lose your recovery.
If you do, first thing to try, before "factory resetting" again is just make sure that the Vista partition is marked "active".
Alright man... We will see...


I will come back with results soon... Dunno How Soon Though... I am Currently loaded with hours