Windows vista easyre recovery disc not loading up. Vista caught in loop.

Good afternoon. This weekend my computer semi-broke down so I decided I'd reinstall vista (64bit) for the first time in over 3 years. Everything went fine until yesterday when after trying to install some updates through windows update the computer decided it wouldn't accept the changes and says that it's reverting the changes. This however has turned into an infinite loop where the computer keeps rebooting and then tries to revert the changes again.

I googled quite a bit and found that the easyre cd could help me, since no disc came with the computer and i never made a recovery disc through the vaio options unfortunately. I purchased the vista easyre recovery disc and burned the iso onto a cd-r using free iso burner. The bios were already set to launch from cd first so I didn't have to change anything there and the computer tries to do so but gets stuck on a black screen with a blinking underscore. It stays like that until I forcefully shut the computer down. What is wrong and how do I go about solving this issue?

I have access to the recovery tools that came with the computer, but since my full restore this weekend no system restore points were set so I can't revert the changes that way. I don't have any important files on it, but I can't even reinstall vista like this afaik.

Please help, it would be very much appreciated.