Windows Vista Home Basic won't boot


Thanks for this site.
My laptop has been getting slower and slower, and has finally failed to boot.
Windows starts to load: there is a flash of a screen with text and a loud click sound and it restarts and repeats.
I have done the following, using your suggested procedure:

Downloaded Recovery Disc using ImgBurn. Verified OK.
Put into laptop drive holding down F8 key.
‘Press any key to boot from CD/DVD’
Screen: ‘Windows is loading files’
Windows desktop looks like Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) with mouse arrow.
Screen: ‘Install Windows’ Select language.
‘Install now’ which needs installation disc which haven’t got.
Clicked ‘Repair your computer’
Screen: ‘System Recovery Options’
No Operating Systems listed.
Clicked ‘Load Drivers’
Screen: ‘Insert installation media’ which haven’t got.
Click ‘OK’
Screen: Open>Sources>
List of files:adprep:enUS;licence;servicing;dlmanifests;inf;recovery;sfpat;sfpath;upgcompat;osfilter;sfpat2k;sfpatxp

HELP please.

Hi Mike, welcome to NST.
Does your laptop have 2 HDDs ?
If so, try removing the other one while you attempt the repair.
If not, ignore the "load drivers" stuff and try "next" without selecting the (non existent) system.
Sometimes this will successfully complete the 1st step of the repair process and the system will reappear. Then you can select it when you do the repair for the second and third times. (It needs several passes because it only seems capable of doing one thing at a time.)
Hi Terry,

Only one HDD, but followed your suggestions and problem solved. Many thanks for your advice. Great stuff.