Windows Vista Home Pre. OEM

Hi, im fixing my sister's pc, i removed all 16 virus it found, clean it with everything i had, different programs, i tried using the built-in defrag, didn't work, so i used a free one, i even did a system recovery with the 32 bit recovery disk, didn't find any issues, when i restarted the screen, a black screen with the mouse icon popped up and lasted for a good hour, i found a link to remove the black screen issue, but now some programs from vista or any other programs that came with the vista pack or any avast anti-virus i installed don't run anymore, should i try to continue on repairing the windows, or wipe it out and put windows xp instead?

ps. if u want to contact me, im on MSN, email is: UmbrellaCorp1984 at hotmail dot com
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yes, but it didn't work, the recovery partion on the harddrive didn't work, do u think its a good idea to wipe that part out, with the main partion, install windows xp on the whole drive as one partion?
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You can try
to see if MS will give you a free copy of Vista to reinstall using your OEM serial number from the PC.
You could install XP if
a) It's from a full retail CD (not an OEM CD)
b) the CD is new enough to contain all the requisite drivers for a recent PC (probably SP2 minimum)
c) the serial number on the CD is not still in use on another PC
my copy of windows xp is the full version, not oem, the key is only being used on a testing pc, this pc is never connected to the internet, and i have sp3 on a cd.
It looks like the drivers are available for your laptop from HP for Windows 7, Vista, and XP. You may also be able to wade through their overly complex screens and see if you can order the recovery DVD discs for some type of fee.

Given a choice between loading XP for free and paying for Vista I would go with XP service pack three. You want to download all the related drivers from from Hewlett-Packard and put them on a USB stick if available or if not burn down blank desk.