Windows Vista Home Premium Boot Error


Help! I have only one operating system Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Recently - I am not able to boot into the computer - the system hangs up on black screen or the normal screen with blue ring stops rotating. I downloaded Easybcd 2.0.2 - I don't have the instruction of what to do.

Can any one provide step by step instruction to fix / repair the boot record and mbr areas so that the computer can boot!

I am able to boot into safe mode without any problem at all.

Thank you for your help!
If you can boot to safe mode there's nothing that needs fixing in the boot, so don't start messing about with EasyBCD. You'll probably make things worse.
Your problem is later than the boot process, with something broken later down the line.
From safe mode, use system restore to go back to a point before the problem occurred.
Thank you Terry! I tried system restore. On reboot - computer goes into startup repair mode - indicating that the computer was unable to start. From HP site - I got instruction to perform bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr

Now the computer started properly. Hope this fixed the boot record!!