Windows Vista Problems. Fix or Re-Install?


I have an Hp Pavilion TX2500 laptop with window vista premium 64 bit. This computer has gotten so slow loading and shutting down. It also will not let me do any windows updates. I keep getting a msg that I have 4 important updates and when I try to load them, it says they failed. I did get one of the 4 to work. I have done system restores and that has not solved the problem. All my old restore point are gone now. The laptop did not come with a recovery disk or an OS disk. I have tried to creat a recovery disk but my laptop says I have already created one and that is the only one I am allowed. (which I have not) I also have tried the recovery disk 64 bit, downloading it with u torrent that you supplies. I get the error msg that I am missing a file which I now understand that thia recovery disk is not made for a re-install, just a repair. Anyway, the repair mode is not working for me as it cannot find any back up points, and I am thinking I need to just re-install and start from a fresh machine which finally brings me to my question.

Can I download a Windows vista premium full version to re-instal off the interenet or from one of you guys/girls (safely) and use my windows serial code to activate it? or...

Do I have to request the disk from HP and pay the $40 they want to send it to me.

Thanks all. If you could help me, it would be much appreciated


Hi DJ, welcome to NST.
Before you reinstall, search the web for sites that will advise you on clearing junk out of your PC. You'll find several like this that can help you decide whether you're running services you don't use or need. Use msconfig to remove 3rd party apps that force themselves into your system at boot. Use the built in "disk clean up". Uninstall all those apps you tried once and never used again. Defrag your drive.
If you can get into the HP recovery options to be told you've already made recovery disks, then surely you can still access the "reinstall Vista" and "factory reset" options
If you take one of those options, make sure you save all your user data to external storage first.
I wouldn't advise using any copy of an OS downloaded from the web from an unknown source, even with your own key. You never know what "extras" might have been included with the express intent of trawling for your financial details.
If you can borrow a genuine MS DVD from a friend, by all means reinstall Vista using your own key, but again, save all your data first.
Thanks Terry60.

I will check that site out and see what else I can find. I do not have a recovery disk though. My computer said I already made a backup but I did not. When I tried to shut down last night, it took at least 20 mins or more on the windows shutting down screen.

Very glad to be on this forum. Thank you all for helping us!!!

right click in the task bar and select task manager.
Look what's running and using your resources.
Google (or Bing) the names to find out what they are.
Look on Virus catalogue websites to make sure none of what you find is malignant.
If it's not something you want, or the system needs, kill it and get rid of it.
I asume you have AV software running.
If you don't. MS will provide you with free protection.
Scan your system to make sure you're not providing a host for some Russian criminal gang, using you in part of a huge bot-network to flood the rest of us with spam.