windows vista recovery cd


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Hello all! I downloaded a cd for win vista and while its booting it says "unable to display video in this mode" From what I gather it might be a video card issue any suggestions????
Mucho Appreciated!!!!

Mak 2.0

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I too have the same problem. I get the same error with Vista. I also have "Hard Disc Failure" message show up when using a HD boot. I tried using this, and get the message about "Cannot display in this resolution" message after running the CD, which does run a long list of script-based line code. I've tried using a partition tool to see if my regular boot drive, disc 'C', was even there-- and it is not. I think my BIOS doesn't recognize it either. Just offering a bit of extra info. Maybe if I could get the boot disk to properly display in my resolution it'd work?

If you need any additional info, I could elaborate -- just wanted to get the first problem fixed first. I didn't want to PM you without asking on board first.


Mak 2.0

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You will not get the display to work, period. EasyRE runs off of Linux, it is not Windows based. There is nothing you can do within the BIOS or anywhere else that will force it to work. The drivers are incorrect for your device and you have to do as I suggested in my first response. Contact the email address listed to get a different version.