Windows Vista Recovery disc Download corrupt?

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Just to let you know Demonoid is shut down :glare::glare::glare::glare:

:wtf: I connect and get 12 now so I think your just trying to help computer guru out instead of posting facts.

Also dont count the possible seeds, I bet thats what both of you are doing, as you can see actual seeds is 7 from a possible 119, you never count the possible seeds unless your 15 and live in a basement.
Yes i know Demonoid is shut down.

The problem is your client. You are not connectable. So until your client becomes connectable and you have the Green Check mark on the bottom instead of hte yellow ! mark there. You have no room to talk. Click on that and check to see if uTorrent ports are open. I bet you they are not.

Stop trying to make it seem like we do not know what we are talking about. Even at this minute i am connected to 5 people and i have seeded the torrent over 3 times already per my ratio in Ubuntu. As i have stated your client is not setup right.

I did post facts and not just try to help Guru. It seems you are the one mistaken with the facts. Your client is not open for connections. That is why you can not connect to people.


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What does that have to do with anything? Or is that your way of admitting you're mistaken?


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I suspected that Toaster might be a troll for some time - seems like my guess was right !


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