Windows Vista Recovery Disc

When I click to buy and download the Windows Vista Recovery Disc I get the following message:

Please advise how to proceed.

Regards, David
Thank you for your reply.
Following your advice I tried a different browser and I can now access without any problem.
Incidently which version of Vista Recovery Disc would I need for a Toshiba L300D laptop.

Thank you for your help.

Regards, David
Control Panel > System > System type will tell you if the OS is 64 bit.
You want the same ISO as your installed OS.
90% of the time when you are experiencing such errors a simple switch of browsers will help you get to teh site required. Sometimes people forget that they have something like NoScript installed on Firefox and have to allow the site to run scripts in order to view the content of the page(s) contained within. Not saying this is what happened, just something to keep in mind. I know that Opera and Chrome have something similar as well.

As for which disk you need, follow Terry's advice. It is the best advice we can offer. If you can't boot, then there should be a sticker on the side or back of the PC, or bottom if it is a laptop that tells you which version of Windows Vista is installed.
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Trying to purchase the recovery disc, Getting error message on Site. I Dont have an alternate browser to use to download.. Any other options?
We're looking into this, but for now you'll need to upgrade IE or download another browser. Google Chrome is free and doesn't require admin rights.
I recently lost my hard drive on my Toshiba Satellite. It didnt take long to realize after the purchase of a new hard drive..the computer came with no boot disk. I paid for and downloaded the boot disk for vista basic from neo smart...however I have no idea how to load the disk?? Any advice
The boot disk wont be of any help to you. It is only for assistance in boot related issues. Since your case is one where you need to install Windows again, you will have to call Toshiba and get the media so you can do that. The disks we provide do not come with install information.
My kids' ASUS gamer Vista OS failed to load. Booting to safe mode or with command prompt also failed. Bought both the 64 bit and 32 bit NeoSmart recovery images; burned to both CD and DVD in my Mac, and tried to boot. Got one recovery screen off the 64 bit DVD, but then it failed. Both give me 'media errors' in the screen and startup cycles endlessly. Any thoughts?
'media error' sounds very much like either your CDs are all bad *or* (and this gets more likely with each CD you tried) that the optical drive on the damaged PC is, well, damaged.
Hopless VISTA..

Just spent some of My pocket money on Your recovery disk.Just to find out after burned installed,this is the same disk I do own its a replica of the original OEM Vista instalation disk.Needless to I had try the same disk of My propety to do the same recovery steps..May i say hoplesly...I was looking for an other solution when Your website had promissed the messia to My problem,after I Had purchased and burned etc with hope to My final solution.No NOt the promisse land i was excepting.DEJA VU problem exect replica of My own disk..DUHHH..Now I'm good and mad..Any way all this smart gurus may have an ansver..I can not see any part of My OS.I do have an error code,after fail the repair trials many times, namely..

status 0XC0000098
windows failed to load because a critical systemdriver is missing,or corrupt

So thats where it stops..Just no way I can enter the hard drive or beyond..I can bring up with some success the DOS portion (black screen)Tons of writing and what ever I do not understand....
So I can not do any recovery or reload recovery disk,or do any kind of repairs..
Well beside reload my os from scrach.Hell no...I do have a ton of personal data and pictures etc etc....So who dare to tacle this one???
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You can rescue your data like this
Use Ubuntu Live CD to Backup Files from Your Dead Windows Computer - How-To Geek

It does say clearly in the download page that the disc is provided for those users without an installation DVD, and it has always been provided free until very recently when MS insisted they get paid for us providing it.

If you are getting as far as a driver failure, then neither the DVD nor the repair CD are what you need. The repair function is to get you into a working OS with a broken boot. You've got a broken OS with a working boot.

You should be able to use the F8 extended boot menu to try safe mode (with minimal drivers), and from safe mode, system restore back to before the problem started.

(Rescue your vital data first though, before you start trying to fix the OS, just to be on the safe side.)
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No No N..nothing work,to able to repair the boot.Always end up the same error code..F8 Before open anything in f8 screen the same error code popup..
status 0XC0000098
windows failed to load because a critical systemdriver is missing,or corrupt

This is it..Now I loaded UBUNTU linux,And boot with ubuntu...I can actualy see My master drive,look at all the files,pictures,programs..But I can not change or modifyany of it.Try to find a cloning program so I can copy onto a 500gig. USB drive,save and clone My old drive then just reinstall then recover from my clone drive..
I think there is the only solution I got to work with,,Since I'm not a geek on computers,sound easy..If I could find good cloning program would work with ubuntu..Oh I can buy such program but My pension and Christmas is shortened My valet for such luxury...