Windows Vista Recovery Disc

I have a Toshiba L300D laptop which displays the following message within a few minutes of switch on: ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM.
I have downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery Disc and burned the file to DVD using imgBurn, however when I try to boot from the DVD following the instruction to PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM THE CD OR DVD I once again after a few minutes get the message: ERROR LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM.
Any help wpould be appreciated.

Regards, David
Having pressed any key to boot from CD or DVD I do not get any instruction to press a button.


I have now gone through the process again and this time following the request to press any key to boot from the CD or DVD a screen opens called "Windows Boot Manager" with three options:
1) Windows Set Up (EMS Enabled)
2) To specify an advanced option press F8
3)Press Tab for Tools.
Selecting option 1) The laptop screen after a while goes blank, but shows a mouse pointer.
Selecting option 2) The screen shows "Loading Windows Files" and the displays a number of options. however no matter which option is selected, after a short while the screen goes blank again only showing a mouse pointer.
Selecting option 3) Requests that the Windows Installation is inserted and to restart the computer.
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Button or key it all means the same thing. Do you press anything on your keyboard when the instructions say to press any key to boot from the CD/DVD?

The question is this. Why did you purchase and download the media? to fix a boot issue? If so then you are heading in the right direction. If you think that it can be used for reinstall, you are not going to like the answer. It cant be done with this media.

If you are trying to repair it have you checked out our Wiki and followed its instructions?
I press the N key on the keyboard when the instructions say to press any key to boot from the CD/DVD.
I purchased and downloaded the media to fix what I hope is a boot issue.
I have read your Wiki but I cannot get to the first screen which gives the options to:
Start Up Repair
System Restore
Complete PC Restore
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Command Prompt.
The new Media has all of that setup automatically for you. Click Run to start the automated process and let it do its job. If it doesnt work, then you dont have a boot issue.
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When pressing any key to boot from CD/DVD if I hold the key down a window opens called WINDOWS BOOT MANAGER with three options, option 3 is WINDOWS MEMORY DIAGNOSTICS selecting this asks that Vista DVD disc is inserted with the following message:

Status:0xc 000000f
Info: The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.
Can you help.
When I just press and let go the key I get a white progress bar and the message Windows is loading files, this is followed by the Windows green lights but in a short while the screen then goes black and nothing else happens.
I would appreciate any further help.
When I have gone through the boot from CD/DVD procedure and pressed and let go the key yesterday I have waited at least one hour after the black screen has appeared and still nothing has happened.
I appreciate your help and would welcome any further help.
In a final attempt I have burned the Vista iso on both a CD-R and a DVD-R disc. I have then followed the procedure to boot the PC but in all cases the result is a black screen. I guess I do'nt have a boot problem but something more serious, not sure where I go from here,. however may I thank both Mak and Mahmoud for their help.