Windows Vista Recovery Disk troubleshooting


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Hello NeoSmart Tech and others

I have recently purchase a windows vista recovery disk from you guys and I am have a problem with it. I had downloaded it from you guys listed website and burned it onto a writable disk. At this point it was running smooth, I follow the directions with it but before completion it asked me for a product key. I did not receive the product key in a email or on my receipt when I had purchased it.

I do not know what to do if anyone has a solution to my dilemma feel free to email me at

Thanks for listening please respond ASAP...
It's a MS repair disk, and available free as a torrent.
It is not a free copy of Vista. It contains no installation files, so you cannot use the "Install" button, only "repair your computer".
If you need to reinstall Vista, you'll need to get replacement media from your OEM, if you didn't create some when the PC was new; or you could see if you qualify for a free copy from MS.