Windows Vista Recovery Disk

Hello elguate,

There is no need for all caps. It doesn't make the post any easier to read. Second of all, had you read over a tad bit you well have noticed our recovery disc cannot be used for re-installation of Windows. You can only use the "Repair my computer" link on the install screen and not "Install Now". Now if you had done that, you would get no screen asking you for a product key.

If it doesn't bother you to read, check out our wiki for instructions on how to use your newly burned recovery disc and if you don't mind typing up some more details on your problem (IN NON-CAPS) so we can help you.
There is no serial number that is required to run this CD. As Justin already said it can only be used to Repair your system. Hence the name Recovery Disk. It can not be used for a install.