Windows Vista recovery problems


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The computer is an HP Pavilion a6807c Desktop PC. There was a virus alert yesterday around 12pm, and the computer shut down. Upon restart it would not boot windows vista, just went to a black screen with the white flashing cursor.

I downloaded the recovery disc from this site, the repair option shows me Windows Vista OS installed, but when you try to repair it shows nothing needs repaired.

I can not access the go back feature, when attempting to access, it tells me it is already running. There is no place where I can set the parameters to go back to. The F11 gives me the black screen with the flashing white cursor as well.

I do not have the OS discs, just like with most systems, it didn't come with them, so I can't do a complete restore.

Any suggestions?
Instead of choosing the auto-repair option from the repair CD, choose "manual," then "System Restore."

Restore back to an older date and see if that helps.