Windows Vista Recovery


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Hi im trying to reinstall windows vista on my machine using your recovery disk however after I put in my product key I get this error:

Windows cannot open the required field E:\Source\Install.wim the file does not exist.

Hi Tuloon, welcome to NST.
The recovery disk(s) provided on this site contain no Vista installation files. You cannot use them to reinstall Vista.
They allow you to enter the recovery process to fix a broken boot and are provided for those OEM users with a recovery partition, but no portable recovery media.
You must use your own OEM recovery process to reinstall Vista. (the handbook that came with your PC should tell you how to access it - possibly f10 f11 alt/F10 depending on the particular manufacturer.)
I note Terry60's reply to Tuloon's problem description re missing Install.WIM file. I too have this problem on my Acer. Terry60's solution brings up Acer's recovery process but the only option is to restore factory default system which presumably will lose all my data files? Any other ideas?
Richard C
Hi Richard, welcome to NST.
Download yourself a Linux live CD (an example)
Burn it, Boot it and rescue your user data from the HDD to some external storage device before you resort to the factory reset.
You can copy it back afterwards onto a nice clean OS.
Thanks Terry, I was just investigating this idea so we were on the same track. I really appreciate your advice. Happy Christmas!

Richard C