Windows Vista SP1 RTM is already on testers machines!, Build 18000

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By now many of you may have seen reports of Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 in the wild. For a while, it was merely speculation (and several good hints) towards Release Candidate Refresh 2 (RCR2) being the Release to Manufacturer (RTM) build. There has been a 'registry hack' going around for a few days now to enable the option to download SP1 via Windows Update. This 'hack' is actually straight from Microsoft, which was given to beta testers on Connect January 23rd.

Jeff DaVos (a Windows Vista SP1 beta program leader) has said on the Connect news group that this is indeed the same release being used for RTM, and that:

"Windows Vista SP1 build 18000 is indeed the RTM build. We were hoping build 18000 we released to you (WU only) was the final build and as it happens we didn't have to break the glass, the build didn't change at all from the time we released it to you and our final sign-off on Monday morning this week. What you got is what we're all running our Vista machines here internally -
we definitely RTM'd "

Note: Well im pretty gutted we were not told this sooner. But People on RC1 Refresh 2, welcome to RTM .

Vista SP1 Testers enjoy the iso lol!

Source: Adapted from Neowin.Net | The Tech Area
Download Vista SP1 RTM 32/64 from my FTP Now

Both files have been downloaded by myself from MS via MSDN program. They are the Final Release Files. Below the Links are the stats SP1 - 32Bit File/Windows6.0-KB936330-X86.exe SP1 - 64Bit File/Windows6.0-KB936330-X64.exe

Knock your socks off!







Hi Tim, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Also, as Mak noted here, this is the same build as SP1 RC Refresh 2.

Thanks for the links, I'm sure many will find them quite useful.
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Couldnt tell you when i used the ISO that had SP1 already slipstreamed in it. I could not install Dreamscene.
There are various entries on the web about it but no real solution. One is to download a certain KB update but I already have it. Another person published direct links to the WU downloads for each language pack. Unfortunately when I try them - "not applicable to my system" is the reaction.
I don't really want to install them anyway, just have them available.
I've verified the files above as the Vista SP1 RC Refresh 2 release (identical byte-for-byte). Supposedly RC Refresh 2 is RTM, but I haven't a clue as to MSDN or not.
As Tim's links are broken...can someone tell me what the build number is on these downloads please?
1. Open Registry Editor (by typing Regedit in Start Search or by going to a command prompt and entering regedit)
2. Navigate to the following registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
3. In the right pane, you will see lots of registry subkeys. Check the following Key
This contains build and revision number. For example, Vista SP1 Refresh 2 (the purported RTM) has the following build number: 6001.18000.rtm.080118-1840
This is what I have - installed as SP1 RC Refresh 2 of course. But some circles are suggesting that RTM is build 2040.
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If this RC Refresh 2 really is RTM then I'm screwed.... It won't install on my new computer (freshly-installed Vista x64) giving me an "installation failed" message and FUBARing my PC until I do a System Restore :|
I don't think it's an x64 issue so much as it is that something I installed broke the SP.... but that's not exactly good news either! :wink:
yeah, i considered that possibilty and attempted to install it in safe mode to see if it was a driver conflict; but no dice - same results.
These files are not the same as the RTM builds posted to Microsoft Connect.

They're byte-identical to the RC Refresh 2 builds, but these are not the RTM packages.
These files are not the same as the RTM builds posted to Microsoft Connect.

They're byte-identical to the RC Refresh 2 builds, but these are not the RTM packages.

So are you saying that 6001.18000.rtm.080118-1840 is not, in fact, the RTM build at all, despite what everyone is saying?
Haven't installed it yet actually.

All I know for a fact at this point is that the update packages for Refresh 2 and RTM are *not* identical:


Two possibilities:
1) The updater has changed but the update itself is the same
2) Refresh 2 is not RTM.


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