Windows Vista Ultimate CPU constantly at 100%

Big Frank

PC Specs.

HP Compaq D530 - P4 2.8GHz/1.5GB RAM/128MB Graphics Card/Netgear MA311 Wirless Adapter/40GB HDD & 80GB HDD for downloads. Windows Vista Ultimate Installed. 1 X 512MB RAM chip replaced recently as it was faulty.

Afternoon Everybody, I seem to have a problem with my machine at the moment, and its very frustrating. I've had it with IE7 and Media Player 11, and gone for FireFox and WinAmp. Much Better in my opinion, although FireFox likes to cause me problems sometimes too! But I'll cut to the chase; When I start my machine, I log in as usual, and do what most people do, browse the web, listen to music, download a few thiings (using Azureus), just like most people. When I start to open new tabs, or try to close down Internet windows, nothing happens, the red cross just flashes. Same with Mimimize & Maximize. I check Task Manager and my CPU is just sitting at 100%, constantly! it sometimes goes down slightly but opening things like control panel/My computer sends it back to 100% and I'm left there waiting for atleast 20seconds or more before any icons appear.

Tomax, you said to disable indexing, so I will try that. But if anybody has the same problem(s) and you managed to sort it, let us know. Thanks for reading people!
Hi Big Frank, and welcome (officially, this time :smile:) to NeoSmart Technologies.

When your CPU says 100%, look at the list of processes and click on the "CPU" column (twice) to sort it by CPU usage.

What is the name of the process using the most CPU at that time?
Hi Guru, I think its Azureus thats holding it up. I'm not sure, but it seemed a lot better last night. Will check tonight as I didnt get much time last night, was pretty busy. Cheers..! :smile:
Hi Frank,

I'd recommend switching to µTorrent - it's now got most of Azureus' features (minus plugins) and uses little to no disk space, memory, or CPU. (whether or not Azureus is actually the cause of this problem).

Good luck :smile:
Aye, with full Vista support!! Now if only my roommate would let me into the router firewall so I could download at a reasonable speed. :joy:
µTorrent 1.7.2 is the latest build. Which is accepted by most Torrent sties. There was a flaw in build 1.7 that was patched real quick Then another glaw found in 1.7.1 that was again patched.

Their homepage has the latest download already up.
Looks like a nice client:
Arctic Torrent said:
A minimal BitTorrent client. It wont have all the pretty features that other Torrent apps have, but focuses on low memory and cpu usage. Because it was written in C++, you dont get the high memory requirements of Java or high CPU usage of Python.

But µTorrent is the same thing, except with all the "pretty features" :grinning:
....and µTorrent looks great too!

So far as I'm concerned, the more competition the merrier. But it's µTorrent for me since ludde first started the project - I was so relieved to no longer need Java!!


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