Windows Vista Ultimate License issue


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I recently purchased a Sony Vaio for my dad. However, it came with Windows Home Premium.
I already bought Vista Ultimate for another laptop.
Can i install Ultimate on the Vaio using the Home Premium Product key and still be able to use both laptops perfectly?? (as in updates and all)
Or will one laptop be blocked if iuse the license key twice???
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It's illegal to use a license you purchased and still use for another PC on a second machine.
Im not trying to use the license again
im trying to use the ultimate install cd which i ourchased and then register it using the Home Premium license. since i already bought the Ultimate why cant i upgrade??
The product key determines what gets installed, not the CD.

If you use the Home Premium license with the Vista Ultimate DVD, Home Premium will still be installed.
Mahmoud is right. You can use the Ultimate DVD all you want. Home Premium will still be installed. Can not use a Home Premium Serial with a Ultimate install. Wont work that way. Just like you can not use a XP Home Serial to install XP Pro or XP MCE.

If you do a Vista install and skip the page where it asks for the key, it will ask you which version you want because every version is on the DVD. However, if you install one which doesn't match the version you paid for, (the serial is what tells the installer the version to use), you'll get 30 days use before validation forces you to reinstall, because only the correct version which matches your key will be allowed to validate. (unless you phone and pay for an upgrade presumably).