Windows Vista won't boot status 0xc0000e9

I have a sony vaio laptop model VGN-FW140E and I cannot get it to boot. the boot manager screen comes up saying
error File: window system32 winload.exe status: 0xC00000E9 Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred.
I have tried to reboot and hit f8 and f10 but nothing same screen comes up. I can get the f2 Bios screen to come up but dont know what to do. I would appreciate any help. I do not have a recovery disk and have ordered one from Sony but that will take up to 10 days and I need a quick fix if I can get one due to a lot of my business docs are on there.
Thanks for your help ahead of time, I appreciate anyone who can give me some direction.
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Did you keep tapping F8 continuously from power on ?
That should take you to the extended boot menu, where you can try "last known good....", or safe mode, and attempt a system restore to before the error occurred.
If you just want to access your data while you wait to do a factory reset, try this.
I have a cry for help. I received my sony vaio vista recovery disc from Sony and when i put in the first disk I get a message saying loading windows files and then goes to blank screen with a cursor. What do?
Are you sure you have your BIOS set to boot from CD/DVD before HDD.
Did you see a "press any key to boot from CD" message ?
under Bios it says 1st boot priority is internal optical disc drive, second boot priority is inter hard disk drive and third is external disk drive. I did not get a message to press anyt key to boot from cd. but I do get a windows loading white bar and then goes to the little microsoft green bar going back and forth and then black screen with cursor. I can now get to the f8 screen and tried safe mode and last known good config. ... and still ends up on black screen. What should I try next? Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate it.
Do you have any external devices attached ?
If so remove them.
Try reseating all of the accessible circuitry (RAM HDD etc)
Try booting the Sony CD on another PC (don't let it do anything of course) to check that it's OK. (If it's not, contact Sony of course)
If there's no change in the behaviour of the Sony recovery CD on your broken Vaio after you've verified that it works elsewhere, then you could use the Ubuntu Live CD (system / edit partitions) that you used to rescue your data (I trust that's all safely copied to external storage now) to do a full (not quick) format of the Vaio HDD. (takes a fair while)
That will wipe everything, remove bad blocks and leave you with a clean slate.
The factory reset should be able to go ahead then.
This error is caused by errors reading the disk.

Boot from the Vista DVD or our recovery CDs, and run 'chkdsk C: /r' (without the quotes) from the commandline utility.