Windows Vista won't boot


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My HP laptop will not boot. I’m running Vista Home Premium and I recently installed service pack 2, with no immediate problems.
Two days later I tried to create a system restore point in Windows system protection and got an error which I forgot to write down. Later after a shutdown I rebooted to a complete black screen failure after the “esc to popup menu message.
I rebooted and got into system (F8) and succeeded in running both the quick test and long test on memory and hard drive.
I then removed the drive and put it in a USB case, put a good drive in the laptop and ran CHKDSK /V with the following result.

The file system is ntfs
Verifying files stage 1 of 3
Deleted corrupt attribute list entryle records processed with type code 128 in file 9
Attribute record (128, %SD%) from file record segment 63979 is corrupt
Attribute record (128, %SD%) from file record segment 238092 is corrupt
Attribute record (128, “”) from file segment 232721sed is corrupt
293312 file records processed
File verification completed
File record 63979 is an orphan
File record 23809263979 is an orphan
1454 large file records processed
Errors found, cannot continue in read-only mode

My laptop came with recovery software that will only return the drive to ex factory, which I do not want to do as I would like to recover some important files I was working on.
My questions are: - Is it possible that CHKDSK/F could make matters worse? (my first Option) Any ideas how to recover this drive which according to diagnostics is physically OK?
BTW. Does anyone know what ‘entryle” means?
Thanks for any help anyone can give men.