Windows & wont boot after installing win xp


Hi all Im trying to dual boot on 1 drive I have used disk shrink and have made another partition from windows 7
I have a few programs that dont work on 7 thats pretty important to me
I have windows 7 on my C: drive and windows xp on my E: drive
I would like to boot my C drive without formating cause I have alot of files that I presently dont have enough room to save it to another source
It will only boot into xp and It wont give me any option to boot into 7
I have been trying to get back into windows 7 for awhile now and would really appreciate any help

Ty Hurtzz
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Yes thats what im using atm (very fast response:brows:smile:


Finaly got into win 7 but now cant get back into xp. LOL its almost like a bad hair day:lol:
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I have downloaded the program you suggested and looked around and couldn't see what you meant by setting my drop-down to auto
when my comp starts up it shows me 2 OS's to choose from. Win 7 works but xp does not its telling me to install disk and use repair cause a program is corrupt or missing

Thanx again for your help
Step 1) Delete the XP entry with the program I linked to
Step 2) Go to "Add Entries" page. Select "Windows XP" from the "Type" menu under the "Windows" section.
Step 3) Set the "Drive" to "Auto"
Step 4) Press "Add entry"
Step 5) Reboot and test
I have tried this and its telling me that C:\NST\\ntldr' already exists
and to send an error repport which I have submitted

and this was after deleting the entry first

Which is odd cause my win xp is on my E drive
Thanx a whole lot Man that did it :happy:
I can now load both OS's on my computer. I wasn't far from formating
You saved me atleast a few days of reinstalling
You really helped alot
Hi themetaphor, welcome to NST.

You don't have to manually replace NTLDR and NTDETECT in the latest version of EasyBCD, it'll do it all for you.