Windows won't boot up, tried boot recovery disk??


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Hi All, Hope you can help.... Have a E- machine laptop with win 7 that a friend of mine asked me to have a look at. Seems she was playing a game on it when the anti-virus indicated something...notice didn't stay long enough to react, but it stated something of a virus. The screen went blank, then the Bios splash screen with E-machine logo appeared with the select F2 & F12 key options. My problem is windows will not boot, any attempt to try booting in safe mode does not work. I have tried using a boot recovery disk. From what I can tell from the memory is not seeing an OS on the hard drive. I tried repair, also restoring to previous date. not having much luck. Anyone have suggestions. I would appreciate the help. I am not Advanced user, but have some knowledge.
If you're completely unable to even use System Restore to go to an earlier date, you may have a serious problem!

My advice would be to connect the machine/hard-disk to another PC, and scan it for viruses from there.
E-machine laptop restore

It sounds like the hardware is okay but the OS is trashed. I would suggest you navigate to the E-machine support site listed below. I chose to restore a box last summer from E-machines and found that their site was a little tricky to navigate. To get the free help that you are entitled to your probably are going to have to enter the model of the laptop someplace.

In any case, there is either going to be a hidden partition on the laptop from which you can resort the entire operating system, or you can order the DVDs which will restore the operating system. If you need to order the DVDs, of course this will take several days and it will be free if it’s within a certain time period like one year. If not it’s like $25.

What do recovery disk did you try using?

The only real issue here is whether or not there’s data on the hard drive has to be saved. If so then you probably want to take a lap top to a local shop and pay several hundred dollars to let them see what they can get off of the hard drive, if not just go through the E. machine’s restore process, whether it be from the hidden partition or from the DVD discs and that will restore the laptop to the condition in which it was in when it was new.

If the laptop is a couple of years old it may be running Windows Vista with service pack two. Any installation of Vista should be updated to service pack three. If this is the situation with his laptop, after you get it up and running service pack three should be applied.

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