Windows won't boot!


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Alright so last night I Was playing a game on my PC (HP) when i accidentally fell asleep and left it on. When i woke up around 4am and saw that my screen was black i simply thought it was asleep. None the less it didn't wake up so i manually shut it down. When it start to boot up it sounded the same everything was going good until i hit the black screen. Then it said (Err2Err3) and did not move from their. So you know the way i am i simply shut it down thinking it was a bad boot and well it said the same thing. I don't have the Vista OS CD. I've read enough online to know about the recovery CD distributed online and easy to download. The thing is i can't even download that because the only other computer i have is a mac. I just don't want to lose my files and all my pictures. If this helps when pressing F11 it gives me an alternate window and says Windows start up failed due to a recent change in software or something similar to that. Also it gives this out (0xc0000001) Winload.exe failed. May be missing or corrupted. I don't know what to do at this point.
Hi Aion, welcome to NST.
Why can't you download the recovery disk torrent on the Mac, add it to a torrent client, use the torrent client to download the real file, and then burn the resulting ISO to a CD with the built-in Mac program "Disk Utility"?