windows xp 64 bit and vista 64 bit boot devices


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Hi All

I looked through the forums but could quite find the answer I was looking for so here goes

I have 2 sata 350 gig each HD's in my system.

When i bought the machine i only had 1 HD with windows xp pro 64 bit on it.

Then later on had the 2nd HD installed and put vista ultimate 64 bit on it.

had the dual boot set up on it. BCD is set up on the XP drive.

Here is my problem i want to remove the xp os and make it boot direct to vista and then use the 2nd drive as a D:, but i believe that if i format the xp drive the boot edit goes bye bye as well and the machine wont boot at all.

How do i transfer the bcd to the vista drive and make it boot from there?