Windows xp, 7 and 98 (and several linux)?

Happily running XP, Vista and 7 plus linuxs on a laptop and netbook (as I recollect, after the Win 7 install it automatically appeared in the (Easy)BCD menu).

Now have installed Win 7 on a PC which currently has (had!) a rather different arrangement with win98SE, Win XP and linuxs and now Win 7. Hitherto Bootmagic was the first level loader which offered Windows (leading to a choice of XP or 98SE) or various linux via each grub. This worked very well over the years for my needs.

However, since installing Win 7, things are rather different. It has replaced Bootmagic with its own (bcd?) menu offering Win 7, Win98 (which fails) and "An Earlier Version Windows" but which leads to the original (XP) menu offering XP AND 98SE which both load as previously.

Could I use EasyBCD in XP (or 7) to modify the new menu to offer Win 7, Win (leading to the abovementioned XP or 98 choice) plus, of course my linuxs which are currently inaccessible? I doubt the bcd menu could give direct access to 98?

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It would seem that my first suggestion works fine!

However, there is still one problem - the non-functional Win98 entry still appears in the bcd menu but does not appear in Easybcd so can't remove it? Does it require some sort of edit in Win 7?
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If your boot menu and the "view settings" disagree about the contents, check EasyBCD > Tools > Options to make sure that you're not looking at a different BCD to the "live" one.
Not quite sure what to look for there but there is no suggestion of duplication.

Anyway, my own edits/additions are properly reflected in the displayed bcd boot menu?


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Do you mean it's in the bootmgr menu (hence in the BCD), but not actually appearing in the BCD, or is it an option in the XP (second) boot menu ?
If the latter, you'll need to delete it from boot.ini. (Which EasyBCD will enable through Tools > edit legacy entries)
No, the legacy entry is correct and is the boot.ini created when XP was installed after 98. It also that which is accessed by what Win 7 originally called "An Earlier Version Windows". At the same time Win 7 created what can only be described as a dummy entry for Windows 98 and it is this that is invisible in EasyBCD!

Windows > Windows 98/Windows XP (what was originally labeled "An Earlier Version Windows")
Windows 7
Windows 98 > dummy (invisible to EasyBCD)

Apart from the irritating dummy entry, everything works fine.

EDIT The entry has magically disappeared! All I did was launch EasyBCD in Win 7 and modify a label in Boot.ini form "...SP2" to "...SP3" which is irrelevant to the issue and shouldn't have affected anything else - and I did not re-save bcd!

EDIT 2 No it hasn't - it's simply moved to the bottom of the menu!
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