windows xp & 7 problem..


i have pc that has 2 partition on its hdd. There is windows xp on partition c and i installed windows 7 on the other partition. Now, pc starts with windows 7, it doesnt ask which os you want. While using windows 7, I can see files on partition which xp is installed , but i cannot start the pc with xp. Is there anyone who knows how i can fix this? Thanks.
Hi Forzaesk, welcome to NST.
Run EasyBCD "add/remove entries"
Add an entry for XP (choose the right dropdown for NT/XP)
Point it at "boot"
Hi Terry thanks for response.

i clicked add entry and it said me to download ntdetect and ntldr files and copy them to c and i did it. After that "microsoft windows" appeared on manage existing entries under windows 7. I restarted pc and when i choosed microsoft windows from the list, it said "windows couldnt start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>/system32/ntoskrnl.exe Please re-install a copy of the above file." What do i have to do?
i copied three files ndetect,ntldr and boot.ini to both root c and d. when i start pc, i choose ms windows then i got black screen. Nothing happens nothing is written..i dont know what to do more..i tried everything..
please post a screenshot of your disk management from W7, the output of the display settings (debug mode) in EasyBCD and the contents of boot.ini on the "system " partition.
Your XP is on a logical disk inside an extended partition. Both have numbers.
It's mentioned in point 6 of the sticky. You need to allow for the extended when numbering.
Try partition(3) in both lines where it occurs.
If that doesn't work, try 4.
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