Windows XP cannot be added in EasyBCD

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I've installed Windows XP over Win 7. Then I was able to boot to WIN XP only. But I fixed it somehow and now I have Windows boot manager with Windows 7 (resides on C) and Windows Server 2008 (resides on D). On D there is Xp as well, but it is not visible in Boot Manager. I've tried to add it with Easy BCD 2.0.2 and with 2.1 - unsuccessfully. I got error msg captured on the attached screenshot.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Did you install XP into a folder with a name other than "Windows" or "WinNT" ?
(That's where EasyBCD looks. If you use some other random non-standard name, the code cannot second-guess what you've called it)
If so
Rename the folder to WINDOWS temporarily, use EasyBCD to add the entry (auto), then rename the folder back again and use EasyBCD > Tools > Edit Legacy Entries to edit the boot.ini entry EasyBCD created to change the WINDOWS path to "your folder name" in both places.
Make sure you are using the very latest Beta build, or you will probably have permission difficulties changing boot.ini.
Sorry, right from W95 through to W7 I've always installed Windows as a one-user, no logon, no password OS. I've never had the need to circumvent Windows logon.
I'm sure web search of "reset windows logon password" will start you on the road.
Ok, so I did this:

1. I downloaded SAMinside from here: SAMInside

To find LM and NT HASH for my user.

The SAM and SYSTEM REGISTRY files are kept in drive:windows\system32\config

2. Then I put it in format "LM HASH": "NT HASH" in here: Objectif S. A leading Swiss company in the field of information systems security

For Instance CC5E9ACBAD1B25C9AAD3B435B51404EE:996E6760CDDD8815A2C24A110CF040FB

3. Finally I got my lost XP password back.

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Same problem installing XP over W7 previous install

Hi guys :smile:

I'm "half the way" working around this problem reading all this post and threads with similar issues.

Already got the W7 recovery disk fixed de MBR, used easybcd to add Windows XP entry (I have Vista and XP installation in one disk, and W7 on a second disk).

Having vista an XP on the same partition results on a diferent name for the XP folder (WINDOWS.0), so I have to rename it temporaly in order to easybcd could find it.

Already rename ths folders back but... were can I change the path on the multiboot options created with easybcd???

Using the edit legacy option only opens the boot.ini created when I installed XP, and it have the same path from the begining:

WINDOWS.0="Microsoft Windows XP Professional

I got the three boot option entries now, only that the XP entry is looking to boot a folder thats not there, I need to change the path to WINDOWS.0.

Maybe this sounds kind of newbie.. but I'm kinda stuck here right now..
You can't multiboot several OSs from the same partition.
If you upgrade an OS in an existing partition, the old Windows folder is kept (renamed) for the purpose of system restore should you decide to back-out the upgrade. You cannot continue to use the old system.


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Thanks Terry.. but the problem here is that I first installed Vista, then upgraded to W7 (on a second disk C:Vista, D:W7).
But recently I made the mistake of installing Windows XP in the same disk I've installed Vista.

Obviously as we all know now :grinning: this "trash out" the MBR where I've been booting Vista and W7.
till yesterdar I've been working around on windows XP, when I found here in the forum this threads and follow the steps to bring back the boot loader of Vista & W7.

It works great and I'm running again in W7, but this days I've remember why I Luv XP:tongueout:
and I wanted it on the boot loader too.
But I have the same problem in this thread.. that my Windows XP have a different folder name.
I rename the folder so that easybcd could finally find the XP installation and add the new entry as you suggested.
There are a total of 3 entries listed in the bootloader.

Default: Windows 7
Timeout: 30 seconds
Boot Drive: D:\

Entry #1
Name: Windows 7
BCD ID: {current}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Entry #2
Name: Microsoft Windows Vista
BCD ID: {02d193c8-c3b7-11df-b5d8-df493c16ae7d}
Drive: C:\
Bootloader Path: \Windows\system32\winload.exe

Entry #3
Name: Microsoft Windows XP
BCD ID: {bd64c1de-e458-11df-8320-d7065562cd72}
Drive: D:\
Bootloader Path: \NST\easyldr1
Is the part of
then rename the folder back again and use EasyBCD > Tools > Edit Legacy Entries to edit the boot.ini entry EasyBCD created to change the WINDOWS path to "your folder name" in both places.
where I can't figured out how to edit de Windows path..
"Having vista an XP on the same partition results on a diferent name for the XP folder"
Is this a statement of fact ?
You cannot do this.
This thread refers only to an XP installation in its own partition which has a non-standard Windows folder name.
When I install XP this past week, I didn't think to much.. it was like an urge :tongueout:

I didn't want to mess with the W7 HDD where I have W7, so I choose the disk where Vista was installed, it only has one partition with the maximum capacity.

I selected the option of "leaving the filesystem intact" and proceded with the installation.
Somehow it work... the vista folder is named "Windows" and that is why I supposed (it was only appreciation) that the XP folder was created with the name WINDOWS.0
I am trying to figure this out. First you say you upgraded Vista to Win7, but you show that you still have a Vista entry and that you put Win7 on a separate disk. Do you mean partition since you then say you only have a single drive?

So could you still boot into Vista before installing XP? Or was it just Win7 at all times? That is where a lot of confusion is coming from. If you upgraded then Vista should have been replaced by Win7 and not exist anymore.

As for XP your boot.ini file should look like this:

[B][FONT=Courier New, Courier, mono][SIZE=3][boot loader]
        [COLOR=#990000] default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS.0[/COLOR]
        [operating systems][/SIZE][/FONT]
        [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [COLOR=#990000]multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS[/COLOR]="[COLOR=#006600]Microsoft          Windows XP[/COLOR]" /fastdetect
        C:\ = "[COLOR=#006600]Microsoft Windows[/COLOR]"

This will allow XP to boot. Since it points to the correct folder for XP. Now the issue is that EasyBCD doesnt detect OS's that are installed on the same partition. When it creates the boot.ini file it creates the entry so that it points to C:\Windows, which is currently set to boot Vista or Win7. (Unsure on this since there is confusion as stated above)

So what it comes down to is editing the \NST\easyldr1 file to point to the proper folder to get XP Booting. This is something that we will have to get the programmer to look at since this is a tricky situation that EasyBCD is not designed to deal with by default.
You got it almost right MAK.. sorry If I haven't been more specific.

I have two separated disk, and each one only have one partition... drive C: and D:
One connected to IDE 0 the other one in IDE 1 port.

Drive C: has Vista installed but I was not happy with my vista experience, so I decided install W7 from an IMAGE (ISO file), thats why I´ve installed a second disk where to install windows.. drive D:

This past week having suddenly connectivity issues with my desktop PC on my home network, the only difference I noted with my older PC (which was able to connect to the internet)was the OS (windows XP).

That was the reason I decided to Install windows XP on the same disk I have installed Vista.
I did not format anything and I alway have been able to login Vista and windows 7, because it was not an upgrade, there are separate installation.
Until I installed windows XP... the Vista folder is named "Windows", the XP folder have the name "WINDOWS.0" the boot ini file of XP is like the one on your post.

I´ve already repair the MBR and I´m able to login again in Vista and W7, but as I´ve said "I want XP in the bootloader too".
In order for easybcd could detect my windows XP installation I did what Terry suggested in this thread: I rename temporarily the XP folder, and created the new entry, but the editing of the path of the boot loader is the problem right now.

The legacy boot.ini I believe havent change... so the editing \NST\easyldr1 file could be the answer, I have read at least two threads here where other user have said "Thanks a lot that works fine for me" that why I believe it was possible.

Thanks anyway for your time.
Sadly the way you have the system setup is not going to work Kapulettos. The problems that will arise from trying to run Vista and XP on the same partition are greater than the hurdles trying to get the multi-boot to work.

Your only real option at this point is to format the Vista drive completely and install XP on there by itself.
Thats what I've been thinking...

I'll have to schedule a backup..formating.. XP installing and updating weekend,

Lots of Fun :lol:

Let it all be in the name of keeping two separate OS up and running.

Thanks a lot.. Mak 2.0 and Terry60.
If you want to keep Vista, just defrag it first, move the pagefile off temporarily (defrag can't move it), then use Disk Management "shrink" to free space at the end of the Vista partition. Install XP in there. (remember to delete the Windows.0 folder before defrag too), and then use EasyBCD to set up a triple boot from W7.