Windows XP Embedded


I downloaded the (not so) Easy Recovery Essentials Bootable Windows repair ISO and "burned" it to a USB with the Easy USB Creator lite.
All done successfully according to the program.

But when I plug the boot USB into the machine, it does not start the easy recovery essentials(ERE). I made the necessary changes in the BIOS.

Is it possible that the ERE program does not work with a Windows XP Embedded OS? Also, when I try to boot in Windows XP Safe move, the ERE option in USB is not visible?

I was able to burn a recovery CD and go through the repair procedure with Neosmart program.
Unfortunately this did not solve the issue. Even so, if I enable in the BIOS the stop on error message, the operator panel still keeps rebooting. So I can not see the BSOD error code anymore.

Any help?


Staff member
Did you try to run the disk 2, 3 or more times? Sometimes startup errors take serveral passes as it only repairs one thing at a time. The only better solution would be an actual XP disk. Otherwise, if it's withing 30 days you can ask for a refund.
I ran the disk only once. If you think that running it more then once can be a solution I will try it.

The official XP disk has also been used. I used the CHKDSK /R command several times but with no result.

Thank you Peter!
Unfortunately still no result! :frowning:

Even worse! The host computer I am using to recover the memory card is also getting effected. The boot.ini that is. This is highly unwanted.

0/10 for this product!