Windows XP / Fedora 15 Dual Boot



Basically I want to turn a Windows XP system in a Windows XP / Fedora 15 Dual Boot configuration.

As I don't have experience in doing this I started to investigate possible options to achieve this and to learn about issues that I might encounter. From an article about Windows 7 / Fedora Dual boot I came across EasyBCD.

As I saw statements on the EasyBCD page about Windows XP support I tought I would be able to apply the same to create a Windows XP / Fedora dual boot configuration. However I know by now that this isn't directly possible.

I also came across the article on how to install the windows vista bootloader on windows XP. From the commens and answers on this article I understand that this could also be done with the windows 7 bootloader but that it requires usage of EasyBCD version 1.7.2 (or earlier).

My question now is wether my understanding is correct and if you still today recommend this a the procedure for an windows XP / fedora dual boot configuration or if you would advise me to use GRUB as prime bootloader?

I would take the windows 7 bootlader as I've a licensed version on another machine and ofcourse I would use EasyBCD in case when that machine needs to be turned into a dual boot configuration.

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Probably easiest just to Install linux and let it take all its defaults. It'll do the XP dual-boot for you.