Windows XP Help


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OK i have been all over the internet an figured i would try here....

My girlfriends mom has an Emachiens desktop computer and her son downloaded something and now when you start it up it acts like its gonna go to the main start screen and a window pops up and says

the application faiiles to initialize properly error 0xc0000005

How do i fix this....she never made a recovery disk and the computer didnt come with one...i was with them the day she got it and i hooked everything up so i would can SOMEONE tell me what to do....i have called tech support and they told me what to do and it dont work...weird can someone help me out????????:scared:
Do you get this error on startup in safe mode (Reboot and hit F8 repeatdly until a menu shows)?

An application was likely removed or uninstalled. Go to Start > Run > msconfig > Boot tab
Uncheck any program that's no longer on the computer (ie. Can't be found if you went to its folder with explorer). Apply the changes and restart the computer when prompted.