Windows XP Install trouble!!


Hey all,

I'm currently running Windows 7 32 bit and am trying to run
a dual boot with Windows XP 32 bit. I have 4 partitions:

C: Windows 7 (~90GB)
D: Random 4MB partition from Windows 7?
E: Storage (~10GB NTFS free space)
H: Windows XP (~50GB NTFS on extended partition)

Windows 7 is running fine and dandy however I cannot get XP to install.
The error message I get when I boot from the disc is that XP cannot detect
any hard drives. I have no idea how to surpass this.
Any help with this is greatly appreciated!
Hi 2alive,
have you tryed the EasyBCD 2.0 Build 94?
If the answher "No", download this finest Program.

IMPORTEND: Make a HDD-Total-Backup (IMAGE-BACKUP) with a very good Backup Program.
Not with the Windows own Backup-Program.
(If you can, no Backup Programs, without a emergency CD/USB to Restore a total crashed Computer)
The BackUp-File (Image) must be verify.
If your Backup finish and you think it is OK, make a Restore with this Backup-Image.
So you are 100% shure, the Restore routine is funktion, the Backup file Image is realy OK and you have much less stress, if your computer hanging in booting (frostet).

Run Win7, install EBCD (EasyBCD 2.0 last Build).
Start EBCD, Klick on Bootloader Setup and in this new opening Windows select your Partition to install the Bootloader.
I have Partition 1 (NTFS - 100 MiB), this (your) Partition is for the future the importend main partition.
After your selection click on "Install BCD" and see the responding result from the EBCD Program.

You are now ready and go to "Add New Entry".
In the new little Window of EBCD "Ad...", in the upper area under Windows:
Type: Windows Vista/7 (Pull down Menu = pre select)
Name: What you wish, i have here: Windows 7 German ORIGINAL
Drive: for you (and me) C:\
Push the Add Entry -Button and wait, you will see a Responding result of your action in the lowest area of this EBCD-Window.
Changeing the EBCD-Window, klick on the Edit Boot Menu Button
There must be the Windows 7 entry with your named Windows.
Make shure under the Default range the maker (behind the maker is written Yes) for your Win 7.
This is you standart boot OS now, changing later with EBCD all time possible.
In the depper area of this Window:
No maker in Skip the boot menu, please.
Boot default OS after 10 seconds, or what you wish.
This is the time with delay, in there you can select (later) ather OS, if your Computer start up.
This time you can change every time with this fantastic EBCD-Program
Finaly: Press the Save Settings Button.
To change the EBCD-Window now for the next control step, klick View Settings.
In this importend Window are the Results written of all your Settings.
More information are visible, is the "Detailed (Debug Mode) maked.

Well, if you finish and all is so what you think, close this EBCD and make a reboot.
Then you must see, after the Bios-Beep, your EBCD-Select-Menu, a second counter run down and a high lighted Windows 7 to start up, if the counter on "0".

Is this OK and win 7 ready to working, start again EBCD and klick Add new Entry.
Now select in the pull down Menu Type: the Windows NT/2K/XP/2k3
Name: What you wish
Drive: (Automatically configured).
Press (klick) the Add Entry Button.
See the responding Program feedback.
Go to "Edit Boot Menu" and control the new Entry. (I klick Save Settings htere, i do not know, it is for my Soul).
Go to the "View Settings" and control the new Entry.
The must be a new
Name: "Your XP-Name, what you have written"
BCD ID: {a long number range...}
Device: boot
Bootloader Path: \NTLDR

So it is on my Computer and function perfect

Close this EBCD and restart your Computer.
After the Bios-Beep, you must see now 2 Entrys.
First and high lighted WIndows 7, second your Win XP.

I let start up again my Win7 and after a new restart, i select with the Down-Arrow-Key the new Entry, now Win XP.
(Win 7 is very importend for me, it is my main OS).
Win XP will start up and is all ok, you see your XP Desktop (Shell) after the XP booting is finish.

If you have trouble, like bootmgr or NTLDR is missing and the system stopped, write this please here.

Finaly: Good luck and happy EBCD-Working,

STRUPPI from Germany

ps. if there a error or the technical steps are wrong written (no logic in the step by step), please write this.
I test so much, normaly it must be there an error in this posting, i remember not all steps.
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If your XP CD is pre-SP2 and your HDD is SATA, there will be no drivers.
You can get SATA drivers from your OEM website and pre-load them from a floppy using F6 before the install, or you can change the HDD mode in your BIOS, but that will have implications for the previously installed OS.
Have a read of this
My XP install CD is SP2. Also I've downloaded all the drivers for my laptop off of the manufacturer's website and integrated them into a bootable ISO using nLite. After burning that ISO and running it, it still didn't work. I'm going to run through the set instructions left by STRUPPI.
Struppi's instructions appear to be a rather complex sequence to add an XP entry to the BCD.
You seem to be describing a completely different problem, an inability to install XP in the first place.
Putting an entry in the BCD for a non-existent XP won't achieve anything, and the auto-configure function of EasyBCD 2.0 will not work (there has to be an XP for it to detect before it can correctly configure the dual-boot for it.)
Does your slipstreamed CD boot on any other PC ?
Does the original SP2 XP (pre slipstream) boot OK ?
Hi 2alive,
go to a friend and let you give a WinXP with SP3 (not SP2).
But, please, only the CD, work with your own XP serial number.
With my new Computer, i have the same Problem.
Only Win XP SP3 -CD will run fine and found my SATA-Drives.
Long time ago, i have workes with nLite, but it is to strange for me.
I transfer the Standart OS-Install-CD on a booting USB stick and install via USB stick.
I have a "security Copy" of this Win XP SP3 -CD on a self branding CD, but i am registratet with my own old Win XP Pro serial number (without any Problems).
Put this "new" Win XP SP3 in your CD-Drive and let start up your Computer from this CD-Drive.
You will see, it is booting and found your HDDs and much more.

The EBCD ist for a booting Menu, if you have more as one OS installed.
And for this is EBCD absolutly SUPER.

Greetings from Germany,



Hi Terry60,

mean 2alive, that he will install a new fresh Win XP, or mean he a Win XP booting, but he has written "install"?
When I see right, he have installed on the fourth pratition the Win XP (HD 0: Partition H).
I am so sorry, i do not understand so much english as this is written here.
I know from the Father of my Wife, that he say "install", but mean "Boot".
For he is "install" a "install on the screen" = shell.

Greetings from Germany,

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I understand putting the entry for XP in BCD will not allow me to install XP. I do not know if my slipstreamed CD will boot on another PC. At first I was using the original XP boot cd and for some reason I thought it was corrupted. However, I think that was some internal error in my PC. I have been using the original XP disc now and it has been working and loading all the drivers, etc. normally. I am going to use the original XP disc when I go to install it.

Will using an XP SP3 disc solve my problem?


I have also taken a look at the link you sent me Terry and I
have downloaded the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager file
and installed it. Except one of the steps is to enter the BIOS section
and change the on board Intel controller to AHCI. The problem is
I do not have this choice in my BIOS. When I go into
Device Manager it shows the driver that I installed.
Does this mean it worked or do I still need to switch to AHCI?
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If the original XP disk is working (mine is SP2, and works fine with SATA), then you won't need to fiddle with the BIOS SATA mode. You should be able to complete the install then use WUD to bring everything up to date.
Hi 2alive,
the SATA-Driver are in the "new" Win XP SP3 -CD.
With this was possible for me, to install a new XP (it is a Professional-Version).

In my Bios i have too "not a possebility to set AHCI".
If your System-OS (Win XP) with AHCI and the Bios do not understand this AHCI, your Computer will (can) not boot finish (communication Mismatch with the HDDs, i have testet this).
I have set UDMA 6 and higher, RAID, IDE -Modus.
Normaly, if your Bios without AHCI, the install routine installed Win XP (SP3) too without AHCI.

Test please the last MS-WinXP (SP3) -CD.
You need not to go in a Shop an purchase a new Win XP -CD.
Start up with this "new" CD from a Friend is function too.
Enter your old serial number, if the Computer start up fine and the install routine is working.
Have you troble with this "new" CD, you have the information about more Problem with your Computer and saved your Money.

Greetings from Germany,

Here is what I have going on right now.
I have 3 Partitions now.
C: Windows 7 (NTFS 94GB working)
E: Storage (NTFS 10GB)
and 45GB unallocated space.

I restarted my computer with the new Windows XP Pro SP3 disc
and I still encounter the error saying it cannot detect any
hard disc drives on my computer.

Previously I had a multiboot system set up with W7/XP and
I ended up crashing XP cause I altered some settings I should
not have :joy:. I remember the XP partition was an extended partition
with a logical drive. I can use a Ubuntu boot disc and set up an
extended partition and hopefully install XP within that.
My question isshould I format the unallocated space in
the extended partition or should I leave it?
Hi 2alive,
I have pre formated under Win7 the Partition for XP and Ubuntu including written Drive Letters.
This NTFS-Formated Partition are viewing vor XP (SP3) and Ubuntu.
The Partition are different big, so I know, what is for XP installing and what is for Ubuntu.

Well, is your XP-Partition realy total not readable?
Not with Win7? Or only not readable for your XP-installation-CD?

This is a importend question.
If your XP-Partition real damage, not readable, so you can set a new XP-Partition and install your new XP.
If your XP-partition readable under Win7, you have set a Protection for your HDD-Partition.

The different GigaBytes from old XP with 50 GB to now free HD-Space with 45 GB "unlocated space is normaly the 5 GB for XP.

Greetings from Germany,

My boot CD is working fine. As a test I restarted my computer
with the XP cd in and with a USB flash drive in
and the install detected the flash drive.
It is not detecting my hard drive.
I own an HP Pavilion dv2550se notebook.
I have no idea how to get it to detect my hard drive >.<
Hi 2alive,
notebook are special Computers an normaly with special Drivers.
I think, you need a HP Pavilion dv2550se -XP-CD.
It is possible, your HDD-Cips set is a special Chip set, created only for the HP Pavilion series.
You are shure, that the BIOS is correct set?

With Win7 shell you can see with File manager or with Store manager your XP partition?
With Win7 you can go in Folders in this XP partition?
No HD-File compress activeted? No HD-Aministration are setting?

In this moment I have no idas too, what is to do.

Please make a Test with a Win7 installation CD, but not install again Win7.
If the HD visible with this Win7 install CD, you have a true Problem with the XP HD-driver.
It is with this Win7 install CD too the HD is not visible, you have a wrong setting in your Bios, but I do not know in this moment where.
You can start also with a LINUX (Derivat) EMERGENCY -CD (or USB stick), or with a smal "OS on USB Stick" (XP or Win7 32 Bit) to see, if there no HD too in your Computer.
But please: No File managementing with this EMERGENCY-OS, if you not know 100% waht you do..
(For this situation I have a "XP Live Portable Windows USB Edition").
Of corse I have 2 different EMERGENCY Boot OS on stick and on CD (my crashed Computer phobia).

Greetings from Germany,

The SATA driver for that laptop is in NVidia NForce Chip Set Driver integrated. You can download that driver from HERE.
The Driver version is: 5.10.2600.0650 from: 1/27/2006 special for XP.
OK so the W7 install disk detects my hard drive and all its partitions.
I also saw that I can install drivers from a USB, CD, or floppy from the
W7 setup. So I was thinking i could put the drivers I need on a USB,
run the W7 setup again and install the drivers for XP on the partition
that I want it on.


Thanks for the link Reimar. What I ended up doing was going to nVIDIA's website and doing an
automatic scan of my driver. It led me to Intel's website where I looked up my specific chipset
and I downloaded a few of the drivers.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
32-bit Floppy Configuration

What should I do from here??
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I would suggest to use the HP driver (the link I posted before)! Don't forget: the original Chip Set is an NVidia NForce Chip Set and NOT intel etc.!

You can find all available drivers for your Laptop HERE, incl. the Graphic driver (NVidia!)!
Hi 2alive,
if you have continuous XP HDD detection Problem wiht you nVidia Board, please search in the Net.
I have instruction found for your Problem, but in German language.
There is written why this Problem is present and what is to do.
Short: you must push the F6 key for Factory Driver installation (Text-Driver) and later the GUI-Driver.
There are 2 Driver Typ for nVidia -HDD detection avaible.
A LEGANCY and a ACTUAL -Type, you shold begin with the ACTUAL Driver
You must know exactly your Cips set Type (I have nVidia nForce 780 SLI (C55) + MCP55P (XE), why there are special Chip set-Driver avaible and needet.

If here a "crack" with fine german language knowing/understanding to translate this instruction to english, i can post the instruction link.

You have not alone your Problem.
There are much ather peoples with the same Problem with Intel, or from ather Chip set Manufactory.

Greetings from Germany,